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Managing Behavior in the Classroom

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

We're heading into our 4th full week of school, and I feel like

we're off to the races! The blog also got a facelift, and I am so

excited about it! I love it!

Let's have a chat about classroom management and discipline!!!!

First, let me begin by saying that there are a ton of management and

discipline strategies, and I truly believe that they all have great points,

and I like to pull the best parts from all of them and incorporate them

into my classroom. 


I do have a clip chart, and I love to use it!!

It's ok if you do too! It's also ok if you don't!

As a matter of fact, we'll start right there.

These are the colors and sayings that we use school-wide.

Ok, so now that the hard part is out of the way, here we are!

I am a teacher that loves her clipart!

However, I must say, I don't use it rigidly, expecting each child to adhere

to it and if they don't they'll be sorry. It's very fluid, and students do move

up and down during the day.

I've even had some students where I have learned that it was not in their

best interest to make them live by the behavior chart. Students are 

individuals, and we have to treat them as such.

It breaks my heart to see teachers who expect all of their

students to be the same, because those students will never be on 

green, pink or purple using the traditional way.

For those students, I use a modified version of the behavior chart, 

or if necessary, they have a totally different behavior modification system. 

At the end of each day, the students complete their behavior chart,

which matches the one that is hanging in our room. I've found that

by having the students to color it, they take more ownership over

their behavior. 

I have tons of rewards and consequences in my classroom. I've found 

that in classroom where there are no rewards and/or consequences, the 

students are running wild! 

If a student is on pink for the day, at the end, they get some bubble gum 

from our bubble gum machine. Each student has to put a coin in to get 

some gum (duh!). It's also a great way to add in some coin recognition.

If they are on purple at the end of the day, then they are able to get a 

sucker from my flowerpot of sweet treats. 

They also get to wear these awesome superhero capes the next day!

I have a Superman and a Wonder Woman cape.

Hmmmm......come to think of it, I haven't seen them this year.....

....which is why I don't have any pictures......

which means I need to get to digging in my cabinets!

Now, the next part applies to everyone. FUN FRIDAY!!! This is just 

all out fun, where I have play centers such as play-doh, legos, blocks, 

and it will eventually expand to coloring humongous coloring sheets 

with markets, foam sheets and glitter stickers, etc., etc.

In order to participate in fun friday, they have to have at least 3 greens 

and up and no reds for the week. Yes, this means that if a students gets

a yellow or an orange or 2, they can still participate. There are so many 

different variables that can cause a student to have a bad day, and I 

think that it is so unfair to expect them to be perfect!!

Next up is treasure box!!  In order to get treasure box, a student has

to have 4 greens and up, and no reds at all. I've heard of teachers

getting their treasure box treats from Wal-Mart, The Dollar Tree,

etc., but let me tell you the cheapest place to buy TONS of things

for your treasure box.......PARTY CITY!!!!!

Yup, that's where I got all of these goodies from!!! They have 

25 cent, 35 cent, 45 cent, 60 cent and up sections, 

and let me tell you, I rack up!!!

Outside of all of this, I use a lot of praise and hugs and 

positive reinforcement. No matter what behavior management

system you use, it has to work for you as the classroom teacher. 

I've tried to use things that other teachers love, and it hasn't

worked for my classroom, and it took me a minute to realize that

it was because it didn't work for me. 

Also, don't be afraid to switch up your system for your new class.

What worked last year may not work with your new class.

It's a brand new year, and you will have to make 

adjustments and allowances for who they are. 

I tweak it here and there when I need to, and for some kiddos,

it goes completely out of the window, because that is what is

best for them!

I hope that your year is going extremely well, and I'll

talk to you later!


  1. Love the blog makeover! We do a similar calendar, but your's is much more student-friendly! Thanks for all the ideas :) Jen

  2. Wonderful post! I especially love your prize incentives :) Thanks for sharing your love for clip charts too!

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