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Penguins in the Primary Classroom

Happy New Year!!

I can't believe that it's already 2016, 

and the school year is over halfway finished!!

This is the point of the school year where things really ramp up,

and I always tell my kinders to get ready for the ride!

When we get back we'll be learning about all things cold,

including animals in the arctic!

I have never used Penguins as one of my units,

I thought that this year would a good place to start!

I finished this pack just in time, since Winter Break

seems to be officially over!

This pack is LOADED with tons of informational slides 

on penguins, which I have also included in a PPT, 

so that you can project it to your students. 

We have a penguin bubble map, and a penguin KWL chart 

and tree map, both which come with headers so that you can 

create a class anchor chart. There are headers included for 

a penguin schema chart as well. 

There are several options for students to record their research,

which will be great for differentiation.  

Students can write their research down,

or illustrate the pages where some penguin facts are included.

There are also sentences that students will need to cut 

out and put in order, which will be great for

students who need a little bit more assistance. 

Also included is a labeling page, life cycle of a penguin (anchor

chart headers included), penguin vocabulary booklet (or you could

choose to put vocab pages in their non-fiction research book),

and a fiction penguin reader. 

Anchor chart headers...

....and this incredibly cute penguin craftivity!!!

I'm not one for creating crafts, so I was really excited about how

this one turned out!

This unit all about Penguins is a great way for students to dig into non-fiction research! This pack includes informational slides, vocabulary, the penguin life cycle, a penguin craft and much more!


  1. Looks cute! My kindies love to learn about all kinds of animals:)

    1. Hey, leave your email address here please!!

  2. You had me at penguins! Love those little flightless birds. Kids are naturally drawn to them. My students would love learning more about them. We are getting ready to learn how to research a topic and write about it. This unit would definitely help. Thanks.

    1. You've won!!! Is your email address?

  3. This would be an amazing addition to our penguin unit!

  4. This would be an amazing addition to our penguin unit!

  5. My kids love learning about penguins. This would be a great addition to our unit!


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