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Creating Lifelong Learners....A Teacher's Reflection

Well everyone, it's finally the weekend!! Whoo-hoo!! Congratulations to Jennifer, Kaleigh and Vickie for winning the St. Patrick's Day unit! In first grade, one of the areas that I struggled with teaching is writing. It was always the subject that I wanted to improve upon each year. Last year, in my third year of 1st grade, I felt as if I finally really had a grip on writer's workshop. Since moving to Kindergarten this year, I moved back to beginning, feeling at a loss for how to teach writing to kids, some who didn't even know their letters, others who were still in the scribbling stage.

While reading for my class the other night (I'm 3 classes away from having my Ed.S!), I read about the Reggio Emilia philosophy, that has the guiding belief that all children are capable and competent. It allows children to focus on learning experiences with all of their senses. I do a lot of kid watching at times, and by necessity, we have to differentiate instruction. I hate to see the dawning revelation in a child's eyes when they finally realize that they are unable to do the same work as some of their peers.  We currently have the Art teacher coming to our room, until she has her own room. I sat and watched part of her art lesson, and when it was time for the kids to do their own artwork, every child looked capable and competent. No child felt inferior, and the look on all of their precious faces were priceless. This is my goal as a teacher, for every child that comes through my classroom to feel this way.

Sometimes children can learn to hate education early on, and that makes me so sad, to see their frustration with learning. I have learned to create success for every child, no matter how small. It is something that I wish someone had shared with me in my first year of teaching. Thank you to all of my blog friends, who inspire me to do great things in the classroom, to continue to learn and improve my teaching craft, because they are definitely worth it. I am learning a lot about The Daily Five, thanks to Erica at Sprinkles to Kindergarten, and I can't wait to implement it in my classroom. I hope to learn much more.

How do you reach your children in your own classroom? How do you create success for every child?

Thanks for listening to me, it has been on my mind all day!

Good News and a Giveaway!

It's amazing the simple things that we can take for granted as a teacher! Since the tornado, we really haven't had a copier, and it's been really hard! All of these center ideas and unit ideas rolling around, and no way to get them over to the kids! Well, we received copiers and risos today!!! YAYAYAY!!! I'm so excited, it's ridiculous! My principal just laughed when I told her I just wanted to hug it! I was able to make my copies to do the I have a dream mobile, which I do every year. I was so devastated to think that I wouldn't be able to do it at all.

Speaking of which, I have a slight problem. My old rooms (in 1st and K) were basically the same, just down the hall from each other. I was able to reach the ceiling by standing on a desk to hang them up. This is my 1st grade room in the following picture. 

 Well, this room at the school we are at happens to be slightly different. It is definitely an older building, and I don't think I can hang my mobiles up. The ceiling is up higher, and it has beams running through it. Also, it is almost like one continuous ceiling tile, they aren't squares.

See what I mean? So, I'm trying to think of an alternative route, but I'm stumped. Any ideas, anyone?

Alright, I just completed my St. Patrick's Day unit, and it goes on sell tomorrow in my TPT Store. Be the first 3 followers to comment on this post, along with your email address, and follow my TPT store, and you'll get it completely free! It includes an original story, I have, who has sight words, and a real/nonsense word sort along with recording sheet that can be used in centers. There is also a skittles graph (I LOVE graphs), along with an addition game. 


I got a reason, a reason to sing!

Hey guys! It has definitely been a crazy day today! We had a pep rally today, because a radio station collected PE equipment for us! This was great for our PE teachers, since the gym totally flooded in the tornado and some things were lost. Now, this radio station normally does pep rallies for high schools, but they came to our K-2 side of town. Someone had this really stupid great idea to toss a bouncy ball into a crowd of 600 K-2 students who were seated on the gym floor. Imagine our disbelief as we saw chaos ensue!

Anyway, I have reached 25 followers! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited, and I hope to have many, many more! Hopefully I can reach that soon in my TPT store. If you  haven't followed me there, come check me out!

I remembered to take pictures over the last few days, so let me catch y'all up on what I've been doing!

 We worked on our Valentine Heart Graph (when my printer decided to run out of ink, and so did the copier, since we're all sharing the one in the office until ours come in).

We opened up our Black History celebration by reading "In Our Skin" by Michael Tyler. I absolutely LOVE this book! It talks about how people all over the world have different tones to their skin, but we're all the same.

This little activity comes from my Black History packet, which can be found in my TPT store. I did not choose this colorful alphabet for my packet, simply because I don't have the commercial license for it. But feel free to add your own! It was a great beginning point for kindergarten.  

 We are also working on addition, and this great word problem was created by Deanna Jump.

I have a major headache, especially after that pep rally, so it's off to beddy bye for me!! Talk to you soon!

Our 100th Day Celebrations!

Well, I know that I'm a week late, but here are our 100 day of school celebrations! We couldn't do all that I had planned, especially since moving to a new school site, but we were able to do a little. Everything that we did came from Deanna Jump's and Erica Bohrer's 100th day activity , which can be found in their TPT stores!

The one below is my favorite, I think it is hilarious!

I'm pretty sure that the one below said Apple iPod, but she just said iPod when I asked her about it, lol.

I have been working on so many things, I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve, it just seems like I never have any time to bring any of it together! Hopefully work will begin to come together, so we can get into some kind of routine, this is my desperate hope! So, that means I've got to get started! Talk to you guys later!

Joy, Joy, Joy!!!!!!

     Well, I have a lot of reasons to be joyful today! We have been out of school 7 days, due to the tornado that destroyed my school last Monday. Today was the first day back, and my kiddos were so excited to see me. One ran in and wrapped his arm around me! 

     We discussed the tornado, and one student told me that she missed our old school. So do I! Thankfully I was able to get most of the things out of my classroom, to make it feel like home again.

      So, we are in a school in our feeder pattern, and it was like the first day of school times 100! We had to learn new routines and procedures, which can be overwhelming for Kindergarten!

      The biggest change is that we have to walk outside for everything, so we had to wear ponchos to lunch, since it rained today. :-(

     In other news, I sold my first 2 units today on TPT!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! It's not too late to get your copy of A Celebration of Black History! Visit my TPT store by clicking here. Tomorrow (although it was supposed to be last week) we celebrate the 100th day of school AND Groundhog Day!

Talk to you later!