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3 Day Weekend!!!!

Well, I am totally excited about the 3 day weekend! It is something that I definitely need! I am currently working on a St. Patrick's Day activity packet for my TPT store, among other things.  I'm so excited to be able to do something like this, because I think that it gives me a better connection than I have ever had in planning.

 When I first began in teaching, I think I got caught up in planning activities, but then I realized one day that I needed to plan what I wanted my students to learn, and how  they would learn it. If you are not careful, you can think that by completing activities, students are learning. This is not always the case.

I am also planning to dig into the common core, because Alabama is supposed to adopt this next school year, and I definitely want to be ready. I really like how the skills are laid out, and I think it is great! I also want to learn more about The Daily Five, which I keep hearing about ALL over the web, but it is not something that we use. I would definitely like to know more about it.

So, I have a few questions: What are your thoughts on the common core?  Are you currently using The Daily Five in your classroom? How does it work for you?

Until next time!!


  1. You are so lucky. We have PD on Monday. Our district rarely gives us the one day holidays off. Sigh...

    As for common core, our state (TX) has not even mentioned anything about common core. I would prefer it. It is more clear about expectations that our current TEKS.

    I LOVE the Daily 5 and will posting soon about how I implement it into my Kinder room.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Jealous of your three day weekend!

    Have fun!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  3. I teach in CA and we haven't had to adopt the common core yet, but it is in the works. Good luck to you!!!

    Apples and ABC's

  4. I'm in ALabama, too...and we've already started to implement common core in our county (informally)...I am not sure how I feel yet...I like it...but then the program that we've adopted that is supposed to go along with it in Math is killing me right
    First Grade Blue Skies

  5. Hey there.. thanks for stopping my blog. I live in Illinois and at my school we do common core. Its great... alot more detailed and objective based. We also just implemented a daily 5 system in our kindergarten classroom.. Ill be posting details soon. Since we are half day kindergarten we are actually making guided reading one of the 5 centers(kinda a double wammy) There just isn't enough time in the day to separate everything!
    So I suppose mine will be a hybrid daily 5. But same concept. Its not that difficult Just a whole lot of training and setting clear expectations for the kiddos.
    Love the blog!
    Miss S

  6. Jennifer, we are AMSTI, and I'm wondering how it will go along with that! Miss S., I have a hard time getting everything in for a whole day, I can't imagine half of a day!

  7. Thanks for following my blog! I'm glad to have found yours and am your newest follower. I just went to a Common Core workshop Thursday. I'm very excited about it! I teach in California and thought our standards were very cumbersome. These seem challenging but like they could be much better. I use Daily 5 too and just love it! My students do too. I bought the book and read it in one afternoon. I kept thinking of all the kids I'd had in the past that would have loved this too. Also, my friend's son is in kinder and his teacher started it last year. She told parents at Back to School night that by the end of last year she had the best readers she's ever had. I'm starting to think that may be true for me too. Glad to "meet" you.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  8. Yes, I've got to get these books, going over to right now! I'm very excited about what I've been hearing.

  9. I love your blog design!! OMG it would have gone perfect with my blog name...hahaha! I'm your newest follower. I am jealous your off, I have to work :(

    Color Me Kinder

  10. I love your blog design!! OMG it would have gone perfect with my blog name...hahaha! I'm your newest follower. I am jealous your off, I have to work :(

    Color Me Kinder

  11. Thank you Edana, I love yours also!! I'm so glad to be off, although I'm sure I'll be on blogs all day, and working on units and such! But, that is the life of a teacher!

  12. Oh my goodness! I just came across your blog and can't wait to explore more!
    I use Daily 5 in my classroom too! I love it! I went to hear "The Sisters" speak at a conference last summer and fell in love with it even more! I had to tweak it a bit to make it work in my room with my schedule but it's still working wonders on my kiddos. I love that it teaches them how to be independent readers...and workers! Two thumbs up from me! The counties near me (in Ohio) seem to have already created learning targets/"I Can" statements from the Common Core Standards without a lot of dialog across grade levels in my opinion. I like that I have all of these kid-friendly "I Can" statements...but I'm also feeling like we're missing out on the big picture.
    A Pirates Life for Us

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog! Wow, from what I hear, The Daily Five is going to totally change my life! I can't wait until next year! Thanks for sharing!


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