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Can we say busy?

Hey guys!! It's been such a great weekend, but extremely busy as well! My best friend is getting married in May, and her bridal shower was yesterday. It was fun, the food was great, but I was totally exhausted!

Anywhoo, since we were beginning our Oceans unit this week, I was in my garage going through my things that won't fit in my classroom, I just knew my book on everything oceans was in there, and I couldn't find it anywhere!

So, I thought they must be in my classroom, and I just don't remember taking it! Of course I got to class and they were nowhere to be found! Thank God I keep everything on my portable hard drive, because I had Deanna Jump's Oceans unit, and I just copied her story to my Promethean Board, so it was a great introduction after all! The great thing is, we're doing this all month, so I can take my time! More pics on that later.

Today for math, we continued to review our skills for our final common assessment, and today we reviewed addition, continued our number study, and worked on money.

Here is our number study page, which is in my Rain Rain Go Away! packet.

Some of my kiddos need reinforcement in money recognition, because they can tell you all day long how much each coin is worth. Put it before them on a test, and it's something new to them! Clouds of Money Bingo can be purchased separately, and it is also in my Rain Rain Go Away! packet.

They really like this game, especially when it was their turn to do the spinner!
****Note to self, I've gotta find my brads, for kinders it is just much simpler to spin!!!****

Friday and a freebie!!

Hey guys! I have totally enjoyed being off today, and I have been so busy!! Of course I couldn't sleep late, you know that internal clock thing.  I'm so excited to start my Oceans unit next week, and I know that my kids will be excited as well. Apparently I still had school on the brain, and I thought about my kiddos who are still struggling, and even though I recommended retention, they're going on to 1st grade anyway. It just breaks my heart because I know what is coming, even if the parents do not. I have a few that are working on letter sounds, so I created this for them to take home over the summer. I've had a few, but I think they were ones that teachers had hand drawn, and I kept losing them, or I had bad copies. Anywho, it is an ABC Phonics Chart, I hope you like it!

Talk to you later!

Transportation and the end of insects!!!

This week we began a new unit in reading, and the theme is transportation. For their theme launch project, my kiddos had to create their favorite mode of transportation, and share it with the class. Here are a few, they were so excited to show it off!

I loved them all, especially the 3-D plane above!

We finally completed our Very Hungry Caterpillar/Insect unit, and this week we worked some more on their writing (which has been like pulling teeth!), and we did a neat caterpillar craftivity!

The first and last writing are the ones who get caught up because they cannot spell the word correctly, and then it just derails from there, because they don't want to write anymore. We have been working really hard on writing the sounds we hear in words, and also being able to read it back to me. They did a great job of continuing on, and they were so proud of it when they finished. So was I!

For our fun activity today, we did a caterpillar craftivity. My students loved it, because they were able to use the glue in the bottle. They'll do anything for that!

Tomorrow's Friday, and I'm so glad we're off!!! I almost don't know what to do with myself!!!!! 

Wednesday is Hump Day!!!


Tests, Test, Tests!!!'s Tuesday, and I just remembered that we are off on Friday!! Yay!!!

We have had a full week! It seems like there isn’t enough time to get everything in! It’s weird, because now we start earlier! So, I sat down and calculated our instructional time, since we have moved to this new campus after the tornado. (Yes, I know, how nerdy!) 
New School:
7:30  - Teachers pick kids up
7:55 – Students are tardy at this time
8:00 – Intervention begins
2:10 -  Dismissal begins, since several classes have to walk so far, and this is the time we begin moving 1st and 2nd load buses out also. 

So, from 8:00  to basically 2:00 is about 6 hours.  Now, take away an hour and a half for lunch, specials, and 30 minutes for bathroom breaks, because we have about 15-17 classes sharing one set of student bathrooms.  Not to mention packing up. 

****So this means I have approximately 4 hours of instructional time everyday!!!!!. ****

I knew I wasn’t crazy!!!!  I didn’t understand why it was taking us to long to do insects (which we’re still on, by the way!),  and I want to finish so that we can move on to our Oceans unit!

Anyways, since we missed a few weeks due to the tornado, not only are we beginning the next unit in reading, but we are also taking the Unit 4 benchmark test. Sounds like fun, right?  Yeah, think again! 

So, I whipped together a practice test on the Promethean Board, because we have moved to giving the test whole group, with test folders, so I'm teaching them test taking skills, which is what my kiddos needed when I taught 1st grade.  Fingers crossed that it helped!

We are also getting ready for our Festival of Arts celebration. Our awesome librarian does this every year, where we celebrate a different country. After talking about it in class, the kids have two days of fun where they can eat food from that country, make crafts from that country, and learn about the games that children play and the music of that country.

This year, our country is India!!!

We found India on the map, and discussed how their flag was different from ours. Whew! Sorry so long, I'll talk to you guys later!!!


Hey guys!! I'm back! My mental day served me well!

This week we continued to work on subtraction, and subtraction word problems, definitely trying to get them ready for 1st grade! My kids love to either just draw pictures, or just write the equation, and I'm trying to get them to see that you must show your work. For some of my kiddos it's quite easy, but for some, I have to constantly remind them!

We often discuss how it doesn't matter what the drawing  looks like, because as long as you do your best it is ok! If some children laugh at my drawing, others are quick to come to my defense!

 I really love this last one! I always tell my kiddos that this isn't art time, it's math time. I want them to understand the concept and not get caught up in whether they can draw or not!!

We continued with our hungry caterpillar/insect unit, and I wanted to complete a craftivity today, but Wal-Mart was out of what I needed!! So, on to project number 2!! We discussed the life cycle of a butterfly, and we created it also. This is one of those crafts that I always wanted to do in 1st grade, but I never seemed to have the time!!

It's really simple. All you need are thin paper plates, a marker, orzo or rice, rotini, shell and bowtie pasta!!
Start by drawing a cross in the middle, and labeling the four stages. I thought about letting them do it, but we were running out of time, and I knew that for some it would be hard writing on a plate and one that has ridges and goes around. 

The orzo or rice represents the eggs. The rotini represents the caterpillar.

The shell pasta represents the chrysalis, and the bowtie pasta is the butterfly! As you can see in the picture below, one of my children became close friends with the glue.

My kids really enjoyed doing this, especially since it was the first time that we didn't use glue sticks! We had to have a serious talk about the glue beforehand! Oh, I used food coloring and isopropyl alcohol in a baggie to color the pasta.

I'm also re-posting this picture, because for some reason it isn't showing up in a previous post!

We have also been working on writing, but I seem to have forgotten to take pics of that, but I will next week!!

Talk to you later!!

A Mental Day....and 3 Addends

Well, not quite. It's true, I was off today, because of an appointment, but I must say, it also turned into a great mental day! I think I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow, although we have a walk-through at 8:30 a.m. sharp!  The great news is the fact that it is the last one of the school year! Yippeeee!!!!

I had some first grade friends ask for some 1st grade skills, namely 3 addends, and that came back to me like it was yesterday. I went ahead and aligned it to the common core, because we will officially adopt it next year. Click on the picture for more information.

My kids have really enjoyed our insect unit, especially The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but yesterday we had a rough afternoon, so we did not get as far as I would have liked. What do you guys do to combat the end of the year behavior issues? I need all of the help that I can get!

Moody Monday

Well, the title says it all, I think! There will be 3 days in a row that I will not be in my room for reading block this week, and it has kinda put me in a mood, because I need to be in there, this is such a crucial point of the year!!  And yes, one of these days happened to be today, so I had a few minutes notice, sigh.

Ok, off of my soapbox and on to my day! We continued working on subtraction, and then we got back into our insect unit. We re-read a favorite from earlier in the year,  The Grouchy Ladybug, which my kids absolutely loves! We then recalled all that we knew about insects, and I'm happy to say that they recalled an awful lot!

We then went on to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which they enjoyed!

We then completed our Caterpillars have....can....are from my Very Hungry Caterpillar unit.

Whew, I'm off to wind down for the day!

Talk to you later!