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Can we say busy?

Hey guys!! It's been such a great weekend, but extremely busy as well! My best friend is getting married in May, and her bridal shower was yesterday. It was fun, the food was great, but I was totally exhausted!

Anywhoo, since we were beginning our Oceans unit this week, I was in my garage going through my things that won't fit in my classroom, I just knew my book on everything oceans was in there, and I couldn't find it anywhere!

So, I thought they must be in my classroom, and I just don't remember taking it! Of course I got to class and they were nowhere to be found! Thank God I keep everything on my portable hard drive, because I had Deanna Jump's Oceans unit, and I just copied her story to my Promethean Board, so it was a great introduction after all! The great thing is, we're doing this all month, so I can take my time! More pics on that later.

Today for math, we continued to review our skills for our final common assessment, and today we reviewed addition, continued our number study, and worked on money.

Here is our number study page, which is in my Rain Rain Go Away! packet.

Some of my kiddos need reinforcement in money recognition, because they can tell you all day long how much each coin is worth. Put it before them on a test, and it's something new to them! Clouds of Money Bingo can be purchased separately, and it is also in my Rain Rain Go Away! packet.

They really like this game, especially when it was their turn to do the spinner!
****Note to self, I've gotta find my brads, for kinders it is just much simpler to spin!!!****


  1. I have the same trouble with the first graders and coins. It's scary when they're a few months away from being second graders and they can't count change under 50 cents. :/


  2. You won my author study!
    send me your email so I can give it to you!
    Sharing Kindergarten

  3. I love the money cloud!

    Tonight I was looking over some of my plans for next week and I am so excited to use your Hungry Caterpillar unit. Our caterpillars built thier chrysalis this weekend. We are all kinds of excited and your unit will make us burst with squeals of joy! Thanks so much for the creativity you share.


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  4. I love your number study page. Do you sell a packet with just those? Perfect for calendar binders :)

  5. I love your number study page. Do you sell a packet with just those? Perfect for calendar binders :)

  6. Laura, not yet, I am working on this because I have had other requests for this also.



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