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Earth Day Freebie and More!

Next Sunday is Earth Day!! Now, my kiddos have no clue what this is, and I've been looking for a easy way to introduce it to them. They have gotten addicted to emergent readers, bursting out into cheers whenever I give a new one to them. If I happen to not have one, the first question they ask is, "Do we get a book?". This makes me excited, because it means that they WANT to read, which is what I wish for all of my kiddos. So, I created this reader for them, and it's a freebie for all of my friends!!!! Just click on the picture!

As an addition to our Insect unit, I've also created a unit about The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Click on the preview below for more info!

This weekend has totally flown by! Well, I'm off to visit all of my awesome friends in blogland!

Talk to you later!


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