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Easter fun and Tag!

Whew, this was one, exhausting, long, packed week!!! There was a moment where I thought I wouldn't make it! I was reminded that there really isn't a lot of time left in this school year, but there is too much to do! Ah, well, the life of a teacher!

With a few of the storms that we had this week, I thought that we would not be able to have the egg hunt outside, but it ended up being ok! Thank God, or my kiddos would have really been disappointed. They had so much fun! I had one of my former students from last year help me hid the eggs in a field off of the middle school. (I think I hid it on the right side, the other teachers had some of their eggs stolen by middle schoolers! It was class changing time, but I stood around until the tardy bell rung!) 

Off they go! I had to make sure that they didn't step on the eggs in their enthusiasm!

I could just hear them thinking, "I know that there's more in here, I can find it, I know I can!"

We also made bunnies. I had a cute craftivity, but lately my kiddos have had a hard time listening, and putting crafts together correctly. So we went slowly, and of course I still had some who weren't listening, sigh. They did a better job, so thinking of a craftivity we can do for our insect unit next week. 

We also did our jelly bean graph, and data analysis.

I was also tagged by Jada from Daisy Days for Learning and Ms. Lou at Pencils with Pizazz! A lot of questions to answer, so I'll do that tomorrow for you!


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