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Friday and a freebie!!

Hey guys! I have totally enjoyed being off today, and I have been so busy!! Of course I couldn't sleep late, you know that internal clock thing.  I'm so excited to start my Oceans unit next week, and I know that my kids will be excited as well. Apparently I still had school on the brain, and I thought about my kiddos who are still struggling, and even though I recommended retention, they're going on to 1st grade anyway. It just breaks my heart because I know what is coming, even if the parents do not. I have a few that are working on letter sounds, so I created this for them to take home over the summer. I've had a few, but I think they were ones that teachers had hand drawn, and I kept losing them, or I had bad copies. Anywho, it is an ABC Phonics Chart, I hope you like it!

Talk to you later!


  1. It's always hard sending kids on when we know that they do not have the skills necessary to be successful in the next grade. Thanks for the freebie.
    I found you on TBTS and am your newest follower.

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  2. Thanks for the freebie. Too cute!

  3. How cute! Thanks for sharing it! I wish parents didn't have a say when it comes to retention. I've had kids fail the next grade after I had recommended retention and I just don't understand it. I'm the TEACHER and I've spent the entire year trying to get your child where they need to be. If I'm recommending retention don't you think you should consider it?!

    Rowdy in First Grade


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