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Let Summer Vacation Begin!!!

Summer break is here!!!! Yesterday was the kiddos last day, I think the word summer break has never sounded so good! Today we had a PD/Workday, and we have to come back Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, and then we're done! Just in time for my last two classes to begin. I don't have any trips planned, but I'm thinking that I may need a mini one pretty soon. For right now, I'm off to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!!

Check back often, as I'll be sure to keep you updated with any new projects I'm sure to start this summer!

Talk to you later!

Pete the Cat and the Last Days of School!!

Whew! It has been a whirlwind weekend and week!  I had a great time this weekend at my best friend's wedding, it was totally awesome, but I am still tired!!! I almost feel like I got married!! 

Ahhh!!!! Back to a lot of things to do this week! I've had meetings each day, not to mention my closing of school packet to complete! It seems like everything is competing for my attention, not to mention all of the students that still keep coming to school! I mean, the last day for kiddos is Thursday, and they have been coming  like clockwork!

Well, today was my first day of reading Pete the Cat EVER to my class! I can't believe what I have been missing! I'm ready to go and buy ALL of them now! My kids picked it up pretty quickly, and we had to listen to it 4 times, and then we have to read it 1 more time and we sang the song ourselves. You should have seen the look on their face when we talked about the cause and effect of Pete's shoes changing colors. I laughed and reminded them that we were in school, and we were here to learn! Haha!

I used a sheet from First Grade Blue Skies Pete the Cat packet, and my kiddos loved it! I just wished I'd known about him a lot earlier in the year! But I'll be ready next year!


A House for Hermit Crab

It has definitely been a crazy week! We have completed all of our testing, and Kindergarten has had a fun activity planned for every day this week. So, this morning we continued our Oceans unit, and learned all about the crab.

We read A House for Hermit Crab, by Eric Carle, and I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a craftivity or what. While looking around on old blog posts, I found the greatest thing! On First Grade Blue Skies, I found an awesome freebie!! I wished I had known about this pack, it would have been a great addition to my Oceans unit, but I am definitely putting it on my wishlist!!!  My kids really enjoyed it!

The rest of the day was fun, the entire grade level did a movie and popcorn day, so we watched Finding Nemo since we are learning about the ocean!  I'll be out of comission for a few days, my best friend is getting married this weekend, so we have rehearsal tonight, dinner tomorrow, and Saturday is the big day!!!

Talk to you later!

Summer Bucket List Linky Party!

Ok, I guess I'll join in on the fun!!! I'm linking up with Hadar, Teri, and April, for a Summer Bucket linky party!

There are several things that I plan to do this summer, but I'll just share a few with you. Otherwise, it could go on forever!

1. Finish the last two classes of my Ed.S!! Yayayay!! I think after this I'm definitely taking a long, long, break from school. I mean, I've been going since I was 5, lol! I'm tired of school!!!

2. Read The Daily Five, and the CAFE book by the sisters. I cannot wait!

3. Adjust my centers and center rotation, based on The Daily Five. I also need to look through the curriculum to create activities for this!

4.  We are fully adopting the common core this year, and I need to dig in and laminate those great posters that I got from Deanna Jump! There's like a million of them. 

5.  I would like to re-evaluate my writing workshop for my kinders. I had finally moved towards having a great one in first grade, but I'm not exactly happy with the way it went this year in kindergarten!

6.  I've got to re-think how I'm going to organize my classroom!! At the other campus we had a lot of shelves and cabinets. Here, we don't have as much room!!  Organization is the rule for this upcoming school year!

7.  I've been doing a great job of exercising since January, going before work. I've gotta keep it up, no getting lazy over the summer!

8.  Last, but not least, learning all that I can about blogging, creating more products for TPT, and keeping my house clean!!! (We'll see about the last part!!)

P.S. Is anyone else having problems with Google Reader?

Equity Sticks

At our school, equity sticks are used to make sure everyone has a fair turn to respond in class, and it also ensures that our friends who like to hide are called on also. We've all seen the cute ways that it can be done, where normal or jumbo craft sticks are used. Each students name is written on a stick, and they are randomly pulled from a cup, which can be as cute as you want it to be. This has even been a look for on previous walk-throughs that we have had.

I found this great website, Class Tools, and it has this awesome widget, called random name generator. One option is a fruit machine, and once you type your class list in, it will randomly pick a name for you. Once it is picked, you can also remove the name from the queue.

It is great because you can also embed it into a flipchart for the Promethean Board, if this is something that you have at your school.

They also have Fakebook, the educational version of Facebook! This will definitely get the older kids excited, but they're learning at the same time!

The things they create these days, it totally amazes me! What cool websites have you guys found?

Mother's Day

Even though I am tired and stressed by the end of the school year, I am really proud of my kinders! They have really grown, and as they worked on their mother's day project today, I just sat and observed them. I was amazed at how they've transformed into these little almost 1st graders!

Today we reviewed for our end of the year reading and math tests that we will do next week. This afternoon we worked on mother's day presents, from the First Grade Blue Skies pack, and we made the ewe! My kids really loved creating this for their moms.


Oceans and Rain go together like.....

Today I introduced another center, where my kiddos are working with word families. I've been trying all year to get some of them to realize once you get that word chunk, you can read any word that contains it. This is from my Rain, Rain Go Away! pack at TPT. If you were lucky, you were able to get it for the Teacher Appreciation Jackpot!  Anyway, the students have to match the raindrop to the correct umbrella. Today we only used the short u words, since that is what we are working on this week. I also threw in a few extra, just to challenge some of my kinders.

After they were finished with sorting the raindrops, they recorded their answers on the recording sheet.

We also continued our Oceans unit, and for yesterday and today, we are learning about sharks! We read a book about sharks, and they really loved the page about teeth!

We also did some brainstorming about sharks!! This tree map is from Deanna Jump's Oceans unit.

Yes, they definitely copied this off of the board! We're preparing to write tomorrow.

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Before the clock strikes...

Well, I'm so glad that my class was the first to do DIBELS! That is definitely one item off of my ever expanding list!! Now it's on to report card assessments, end of the year test in reading, and the last math common assessment. All while keeping them actively engaged! But hey, it is almost, ALMOST the end!!

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Scary moment, Currently & a Sale!

Hey everyone! It's been a rough few days for me, but I found my way back! My dad had a work accident on Wednesday, I flew to the hospital to discover he had crushed a finger and had part of it ripped off, so yesterday he had to have part of that finger amputated. I have definitely been up and down on the emotional rollercoaster, but thank God that's all it was and he's still alive!!

I linked up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade, and here is my Currently:

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Oceans of Fun!!

So, I went ahead and did it! I decided to do two more centers for the rest of the year, because I want to keep them engaged even though they have gone bonkers. I'll share one center with you today.

This is what I call blends match up, which is available in my TPT store. In this center, they have to find the real words, and record their answers. One of my children made the connection to nonsense words. He stated that even if you didn't match a real word, you could still read it. I was like 'yeah!'. It also allows them extra practice with blends.

I don't know where hast came from in the picture below, this is the same kid that made the connection. Ha!

We also began our Oceans unit this week. We read "Somewhere in the Ocean" by Jennifer Ward, and then we made a bubble map of the different types of animals that reside in the ocean.

Today we read "In the Deep Blue Sea", which can be found in Deanna Jump's Oceans unit. We then came up with a list of adjectives, nouns and verbs to complete our class book. 

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Teacher Appreciation Jackpot!!!

I know that it is the end of the year, you are tired, and just ready for the end to be here! Well, in appreciation for all of the hard work that we do as teachers, there will be one day that is really just for you!

TPT has really changed me as a teacher for the better, and I would really like to share that feeling with everyone!  Now, who likes a freebie? I know that I do! Are you ready????

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