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Behavior Charts ~ Help!

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying your summer, I know that I am! I've been pondering some things, and I've decided to turn to my blog friends for help!

At my school, each student has an agenda to be used as communication between home and school. I also use a take home folder, and I have a weekly behavior chart that the children color each day and it is also sent back and forth to school for a week. Well, after 4 years, I'm thinking of changing the way I send it home.

Changing to what? Good question, because I have no idea!

I know that some teachers just write into the agenda, and put some kind of a happy or sad face. My question to you is, how do you communicate with the parents the students' behavior for the day? Is something sent home daily, or do you just write in the agenda or stamp, etc.?



  1. I use a weekly behavior chart that has a star to color for each day. I color the star on their chart based on what color they are on that in class that day.There are categories that I mark for inappropriate behaviors (i.e. off task, unkind to others). Then the parents are asked to initial it daily.I find this keeps the lines of communication open & the parents are aware of what's going on.
    Hope this helps!
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  2. In my class, I have a clothespin clip chart for behavior. Each student has a monthly calendar in their folder with a smiley face on each day of school. It is their responsibility at the end of the day to color in the smiley face that their clip is on. At the end of the month, I collect the calendars and file them. Very little management on my part, but a great way to communicate with parents!

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  3. I use a start chart. Well a sticker chart really. If a student does not mark their star they get a sticker in their behavior chart.

  4. I use the clip chart and I put a calendar in their STAR Notebook (goes back/forth each day) and at the end of the day I go around and put a star on the day to let the parents know how their day was. I found that *most* parents really appreciated know how their child's day was. Not sure what I'm going to do next year with my 2nd graders.

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  5. We staple a monthly calendar in the students' folders each month. On the calendar, we type the class rules. If a student has trouble with one of the class rules, we write the number of that rule on the calendar for that day. No problems = no numbers. We've found that this makes it quick and easy for us at the end of the day as we don't have to write anything for most of the kids.

  6. I use the stoplight system for behavior management, and I use Do-A-Dot markers in the three colors (red, yellow, green) to mark their behavior everyday.


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