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Teacher Week: Teacher Must Haves

Hey guys! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week! 

Here are my teacher must haves!!

1.  Skittles, Starburst, or Lifesavers! Sometimes you just need something that is sweet to get you going!! Hehe!

2.  My Promethean Board - I literally teach all day long from it, and the kids also do centers at the board. I have morning work here, reading flipcharts, math flipcharts, etc. I absolutely love it!

This is actually the one that I have now, except for those weird legs it's standing on....hmmmm...

3.  My ELMO - otherwise known as a document camera. I didn't have one until last year, and I can't believe what I'd been missing! This thing is awesome!!

4.  My iPad's and iPod's - I had one iPad and 6 iPod's last year, and this year my principal bought them for the whole school. So now I have two iPad's and 9 iPod's, and I'm so glad, because they really keep the kids engaged. I wish I had enough for everyone!! ( I actually have a white one and a black one). 

5.  My printer and laminator for the home - we all know how this goes hand in hand!! I print and then I laminate!! I was so sad when my laminator went out a few weeks ago. I went straight to Wal-Mart and got another one! These things are lifesavers!!

Just so you know, they changed the look of the laminator!!!  This is the new one. (Yeah, yeah, I know its sideways, but what can I do? (If you really do know, please tell me!))

6.  And when all of that technology fails--and it will, at some point, I go back to the tried and true!! Chart Paper and markers!!! Waaahooooo!!!

I know, sideways!!

Check back later in the week for those first days of school pics!!

That's all for now folks, talk to you later!!!


  1. I love the brightness of your blog! I'm technologically jealous at the moment! You have such great resources and I love that you'll still go old school with chart paper and markers! I'm your newest follower. This is a great blog hop.

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