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November Morning Work

Hey guys, how's it going?

The months just seem to be whizzing by, I can't believe that it
is almost November!!

That means it's almost time for some well-deserved breaks!!
Can I get a whoo-whoo!!

I FINALLY completed my November Morning Work packet,
it's so easy to already know what they're going to do between breakfast and the tardy bell!

Check it out!

Talk to you later!


Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

Hey everyone! How's it going?

This week has been ridiculously busy!!!!

I got to school on Tuesday morning, and there had been a fire in the kitchen of the lunchroom. So, no one can go into the lunchroom, so all of our kids are packed into one teeny building, and the intermediate school had to go elsewhere. Several rooms didn't have power, or only had power on one half of their room (go figure!). Well, pretty soon, all of the county maintenance men were there, the superintendent, the deputy superintendents, Alabama Power, get the picture. So, I didn't have bus duty that day, but EVERYONE ended up having duty. 

And then we get the will be closing at 12 noon, because they have to shut down the power on the campus!!! So imagine how much we got accomplished that day? Exactly! Especially when parents started learning about it, and checking their kids out. 

So, we had to cram all of our pumpkin unit AND report card testing through the rest of the week, and let me tell ya, that was NOT fun!!!!


These great activities came from packs by Kreative in Kinder and Rhonda Baldacchino!

We didn't even get to our pumpkin counting story, but oh well, we will definitely do it next week, it'll be ok.  
Click on the picture for your copy!


Our Batty Week!

Whew!! That was a portion of our week in review! My kiddos were crazy on Thursday and Friday, how about your?

Anywhoo, I completed my Thanksgiving themed pack, it's available for sale in my TPT store now. 


Building Number Sense

Hey, hey everyone!! How's it going?!?!?!?

As primary teachers, we know all about building number sense and number recognition! 
It can be like pulling teeth!!

For this quarter, we are working on numbers 0-5, writing them, recognizing them, and counting objects. 

I think I have run it into the ground!!

But I'm pleased to say, that 95% of my kiddos did pretty well on the math quarterly assessment, as far as being able to count objects, recognizing numbers, and so forth.

However.....for the other 5%, we've got to work on number recognition and counting.
 So, I created a simple roll & cover.

For my kiddos who are working on number recognition, I give the a die that has the numbers written on it.
It's really simple for them to match the numbers.

For students who may need more practice with counting, I give them a die that has dots, so they can get used to that 1:1 correspondence that I need for them to have!!!!

Oh, I also included a roll and color version, for independent use. 

Click on the picture to grab your copy!


Community Helpers & Fire Safety Week

Hey guys! How's it going? 

Is it me, or does it seem like you never take as many pictures as you
thought that you did?

Ha! Well, I'll share with you the pictures I actually took!

Talk to you guys later!


My Pumpkin Counting Book Freebie

Whoo-hoo!!! It's Friday everyone!!!
I'm so glad that the weekend is here!!

I have sooooo much to post about, but I'll have to make it short today.
I'll be back tomorrow to share our week of community helpers!

This afternoon the high school is having their homecoming game, 
and our PTA along with the Intermediate school is throwing a tailgate party!!!

And yes, a couple of friends and I got together and made our own spirit team shirt!! 

Woot! Woot!! I'll definitely show pics later!!

Anywho, as you can tell, we are really working on counting, and we're going to be moving on to
numbers 6-10, so in addition to the counting book that I shared on Monday (which I used more for teaching purposes), here is a fun counting book with pumpkins!!

Click on the picture for your copy! 
(Sorry you have to go ALL the way to my TPT store, but due to TOU for the clipart, I have to post it there).


Weather & a Freebie!

Hey y'all, how's it going?

I was really proud of my kids on their interpretation of how the weather looks. They are really becoming great listeners, and I'm so excited about that!

In math, we have also been working on counting, and writing and recognizing numbers 0-5. Our math curriculum has a counting book, but I feel like it needs more. So, in addition to that, I created one that has tally marks and a ten frame. 

In this book, whatever the number is on that page, they have to draw that many items. Each item has to be the same item. 

Click on the picture to grab your copy!
I hope you enjoy it!