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Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

Hey everyone! How's it going?

This week has been ridiculously busy!!!!

I got to school on Tuesday morning, and there had been a fire in the kitchen of the lunchroom. So, no one can go into the lunchroom, so all of our kids are packed into one teeny building, and the intermediate school had to go elsewhere. Several rooms didn't have power, or only had power on one half of their room (go figure!). Well, pretty soon, all of the county maintenance men were there, the superintendent, the deputy superintendents, Alabama Power, get the picture. So, I didn't have bus duty that day, but EVERYONE ended up having duty. 

And then we get the will be closing at 12 noon, because they have to shut down the power on the campus!!! So imagine how much we got accomplished that day? Exactly! Especially when parents started learning about it, and checking their kids out. 

So, we had to cram all of our pumpkin unit AND report card testing through the rest of the week, and let me tell ya, that was NOT fun!!!!


These great activities came from packs by Kreative in Kinder and Rhonda Baldacchino!

We didn't even get to our pumpkin counting story, but oh well, we will definitely do it next week, it'll be ok.  
Click on the picture for your copy!


  1. My kids did great this week with the pumpkin counting story! It was a good assessment for me for who still had NO idea what to do with a ten frame haha.

    Where can I find that label the pumpkin page??


  2. Just checked you TPT store and didn't see a packet that has your pumpkin sheets available. Have you considered publishing them? I also liked the label the pumpkin page.Looks like you got a lot done in spite of everything else going on.

  3. Sorry about the lunchroom! You guys just can't win!!
    (your pack looks great!)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. What else can happen to y'all?? Looks like you were still able to get some fun stuff in between report card testing (which I hate by the way)!

  5. Looks like you and the kids had a "great" week!!

    The Cornerstone Classroom


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