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Oodles of Tech Tips Tuesday: ABCYA

Hey guys, how's it going? 

This week is unit benchmark testing in Kindergarten....... know exactly what I mean!!

Can't you imagine how fun it is to give Kinders standardized tests?!?!?!?!


Anyways, I've been using for awhile in my classroom,

but it was only recently that I realized that everyone didn't know about it. 

I have a couple of their apps on my iPad's and iPod's, but I had to pay for those. 

They have the same games and more on their website for FREE!!!!!!

I love it because it has the content divided by grade level, which makes it a lot easier. 

Once you enter your grade level, it is further broken down by letters or numbers.

This website is great for computer centers, or for use at the whiteboard. 

Check it out!!!


  1. Awesome! Thanks, I've never heard of this one!

    My big websites tend to be and

    The Lower Elementary Cottage


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