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Ending Sounds Practice & a Freebie!!

Hey guys, how's it going?

This week, we're really working on ending sounds in reading,

and my kiddos definitely need some extra practice!!!

I created this easy activity, and it's perfect for a pocket chart center!

  You can pick up this little freebie in my TPT shop, 

just click on the picture below!!

Listening for the final sound in a word is a difficult but crucial skill that students need to learn. This freebie center provides great practice!

Listening for the final sound in a word is a difficult but crucial skill that students need to learn. This freebie center provides great practice!


Winter Kindergarten Math Journals & Black Friday!!!

Hey guys, how's it going?

So, who's doing some Black Friday shopping?

Not this girl, I will be snug as a bug in a rug!!!

Haha, anyway, I finally finished my Winter Math Journals for Kindergarten!!!

Tell me your plans for Black Friday and I'll pick a few winners!

Congrats Christine!

Speaking of Black Friday, I'm throwing a little sale for you early shoppers!!!

Tomorrow, my store will be on sale just for you!!!

And don't forget, my store will also be on sale for Cyber Monday & Tuesday, and that day, you can get

 a whopping 28% off. However, we know that the kiddos will be back Monday, so if you're like me, I 

need to get some early planning done!!

Have fun shopping, and be safe!!


A Little Bit of AMSTI and some freebies!!

Hey guys, how's it going?

In math, we have been working on quite a few things!!

Normally, teachers like to read Chrysanthemum 

on the first day of school,  and I see name charts all over the place.

This is actually a math lesson in our AMSTI unit, 

so I like to wait until it comes up in the pacing guide.

Anywho, a week or so ago, 

it was time to discover how many letters we had in our names.

We read Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes,

and then we charted the letters in our name.  

I modified the activity slightly, and voila!!

Click on the picture below for your copy!

This week began our measurement unit, and the first activity was measuring shoes.

Yes, everyone had to keep on their shoes!!

They really had fun with this!!!

After using different strategies to measure the length of their shoes, 

they completed this recording sheet and placed it in their math journals.

Click on the picture below for your copy!

Alright, I'm off to get some Thanksgiving started around here, 

talk to you guys later!!


Winter First Grade Morning Work

Hey everyone, how's it going?

I've missed you guys!!! 

With this crazy weird weather that we've been having, 

I found myself sick, down and out for the count!!

So, I had to pause to get myself well,

and I had to take a break!!!

As teachers, sometimes we think we're superhuman,

but sometimes we just need a moment!!

Anywho, once I started to feel better,

I finally got to work on my 

Winter First Grade Morning Work pack, and I'm so happy to say that I finally finished it!!

Click on the picture for more info!!

Tell me what skills you guys are working on in this 

second quarter and I'll pick a few winners!!

Don't forget to leave your email address!!

Congrats to Roxanne, Erin & Rachel!!!


A Peek at our Week of Pumpkins!!

Hey guys and dolls, 

how's it going?

Last week was pumpkin week in our neck of the woods,

and I think it's been my student's favorite unit so far!!

So, we FINALLY read this book, and did the sequencing activity provided by

my friend Vickie ( I know what you 're thinking, I should have done this a few weeks ago, lol!).  

Click on the picture below to get this freebie!!

So, here is what they have been waiting on all week!!

They didn't care about discussing pumpkins, labeling pumpkins,

or anything else like that!!

They kind of liked the pumpkin observation,

but they absolutely LOVED the pumpkin investigation!!

I got the pumpkin observation sheet from this website,

they have some pretty awesome freebies!!

They loved being able to thump the pumpkin to see if it made a sound!!

Now, on to the fun part!!

Do you see how they are focusing?!?!?

They were serious!!

We used a lot of activities from Deanna Jump's awesome unit!!

It had a great non-fiction reader, and awesome, awesome pumpkin pictures!!

Instead of yakking on, I'll let the pictures do the talking!!!

Click on the picture below to get this counting story freebie!!

Talk to you guys later!!


Counting Book Freebie

Hey guys, this one is gonna be a quick post,

I'm on the run, lol!!

This week in math we are working on counting, and creating a counting book.

I don't like the version that was given to us,

so I made my own.

For the purposes of our lesson, we only went to 6. 

This book goes all the way to 10.

Hop on over to my Facebook page, and click on fan freebies, and then click 

on counting book!!


Talk to you later!!

Fall Math Journals for Kindergarten

Hey guys, how's it going?

School is kinda going like a 

well-oiled machine, and every week

it seems as if we're adding more and more parts

to the machine. 

Well, we've started math journals, and

I've always done them, but for the life of me I couldn't remember

what I did last year!! Go figure!!

So, I decided to complete my own!!

So, this is how my math journaling goes:

Earlier in the year, we only do math journals twice, maybe 3 times a week.

As the year progresses, and they get faster at doing things, 

I'll add a day a week, and eventually it'll be everyday.  

Normally, I use a spiral-bound notebook, but this year

the school bought everyone composition notebooks,

which are not my fave, but hey, it's free,

so that's what we're using!!

My students need some extra practice with number sense, because once we

move on to harder concepts, whew!!

Here are some of the journal entries....

Just for kicks, I'll show you what my old ones look like!!

Now, FYI, don't pin this, lol!!!

There are 40 math journal activities, so if you do them everyday,

it'll last you 2 months. If not, it'll last even longer. 

Click on the photo below for your copy!!!

Let me know about some of your math routines, 

and I'll pick a few winners!!

Remember to leave your email address!!

Congratulations Heidi & Susan!!!!


Keeping up with Student Data

Hey guys, how's it going?

I had a co-worker who kept thinking it was hump day,

and then she said, "Wait, it's better than hump day!!"

It's Friday-eve!! Can I get a wha-wha????

In an earlier post, I talked about keeping up with student

data differently, in this post here.

Today I want to talk about another way that I keep up with data.

Progress reports have already gone home for the other grades,

so that means in a few weeks report card testing will really ramp up

for Kindergarten!!

I'm a little behind this year, but I knew that I had to get my assessment binder together,

so that I can be organized!!!

I start by getting a pretty big binder, something like 2 1/2" or more.

I buy these tabs in the school supply section at Wal-Mart,

I think they're by Avery.

It helps me to keep assessment in ABC order, and it's quick to find that way as well.

So, behind these tabs I keep a few things.......

A sheet for keeping track of letter recognition,

I copy it front and back, capital and lowercase.

I also keep their math and reading report card assessments in there as well.

And they all fit!!

If you could use the ABC recording sheet, click on the picture below!!


Letter Recognition & a Freebie!!!

Hey guys, how's it going?

No, it's no longer hump day, lol,

but as a sub at our school says, it's Friday-eve!!!!


Anyways,  our new reading series doesn't have any real 

assessments until after the 3rd week of the program. 

Of course, I couldn't wait that long, and neither could my grade level!!!

So, we used my beginning of kindergarten assessment.....

.....and let me tell you, it was quite scary!!!!

I can't believe how many of my kiddos do not know their letters!!

I mean most of them do not know probably like 85% of their letters!!!


So, of course they can't write them either......

Sigh.......I created some roll & records, and we are definitely on the tracing pages!!!!

If you're a fan of my Facebook can find both of them under the fan freebies tab!!!

And then just do what the sign says!!!!!

I'm out with my grade level now having Mexican.....

and I know every teacher knows what that means!!!

Talk to you guys later!!!!!


Back to School Kindergarten Assessment

Hey guys, how's it going?

It's about that time again, yes, school time, 

and I've been working on some things. 

As I've stated before, we have a new reading series, Wonders, 

and for once there isn't a baseline test. 

They have something called StartSmart, and it lasts for 3 weeks.

Anywho, whether we have a baseline test or not, I like to give

my kiddos a pre-test, just for myself. 

I've used other versions out there, but I feel like some of them just have too much stuff!!!

Soooo......I created a simple one with just the basics, like letter recognition, name writing, 

recognizing basic shapes, colors, and numbers 1-10.

And here are the student copies to use during testing.

I have also included a version that does not include the letter sounds. 

Click here for your copy!!!!


Styling and Filing

Hey guys, how's it going?

Exactly 3 weeks from today, I will be back in school,

I just can't believe it!!!

I've been working from home (as we all do),

and I've been working on my reading files.

Well, we are getting a new reading series this year, Wonders by McGraw-Hill.

When we had our former reading series, Reading Street by Scott Foresman,

this is how I had my files, in 1st grade and Kindergarten. 

I know, I know, beautiful, right? 

Haha, not!!!

Well, as I was cleaning out files, I decided that I did not want to go

that route again.

So, I came up with something else instead. 

I decided that instead of doing Unit 1 Week 1, etc., 

I would file by skill instead, because reading series come and go,

but the skill will always be the same.

So I got some bright colorful folders from Wal-Mart,

(I love colors!!).

I made some labels, and voila!!

I think it'll be so much easier this way, and since I'm bad about filing in a timely manner, 

I don't have to remember which week each skill belongs to!!

My goal is to expand this plan to everything,

to be more skill-based, rather than whatever the particular curriculum is at the time. 

Also, I finally updated my Community Helper unit that I created last year,

I was actually kind of embarrassed at some of it!!

Talk to you later!!!