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Oodles of Tech Tips Tuesday: Report Card Comments

Hey guys, how's it going?

This week is seriously something crazy, let me tell ya!

I have a meeting everyday this week, yup, you heard me.

Did I also mention that it seems like February is jam-packed with things to teach,

and it also happens to be the shortest month of the entire year!!!

Anywho, when I moved to Kindergarten from 1st, one thing that I definitely had to 

get used to was writing report card comments. (Yes, K report cards are written)

For older grades, I just went into the system, and selected the one of the comments it already had.

I searched high and low, because after that first round of report cards last year, I decided that I needed

some major help!!!

And wouldn't you know it, ta-da!!

I found it!!

Now I keep this link here on my Symbaloo page (if you want to know more about Symbaloo, 

check out my previous post here). 

This person has comments for all types of scenarios.

I definitely keep a printed copy in my report card binder,

because sometimes I need a little help!!!

To check it out and grab your copy, 

click here


  1. Ugh...I don't think other grades know how time consuming it is to hand write report cards! Thanks for sharing...I am going to use that next time!

  2. I consider myself very lucky that I don't have to worry about handwriting all that stuff. Then again, it is time consuming keeping all those grades int he computer up to date as well.

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