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April Morning Work & a Sale!

Good morning guys, how's it going?

I finally completed my April Morning Work packet for Kindergarten!

It seemed like it took me forever for some strange reason!!!

Click on the picture below to check it out!

also, see if you can hop through my store to find my five fav products, 

and they happen to be 20% off today!!

Check it out!


The End of Spring Break!

Hey guys, how's it going?

FYI, this is not an educational post!

Well, today marked the official end of Spring Break!

It was back in the saddle for my kiddos and I!

I must tell you, I truly enjoyed it!

I went to Miami, more like Sunny Isles, and I stayed at.......

I must stay, it was truly awesome!!!!!

This was my view from the room.....

and of course it made me want to hurry up and change and go straight down!!!!!

This was my view on the beach....

Even better, right?

If you look closely you can see my toes enjoying the sun!

This is how I felt during my entire trip....

Nope, I didn't want to come back.

When I got off of the plane, it was rainy and cold, I mean like 50 degrees!!

Sigh....I already want to go back!!!!!

What did/are you do/doing for spring break?


St. Patrick's Day & Spring Break

Hey guys, how's it going?

OMG!!! It's already day 3 of spring break!!!

Where did the time go?

I'm telling you, had it been a work week it would have still been Monday.

I thought that I would share with you guys a little bit of what we did for St. Patrick's Day,

although we didn't get to nearly as much as we did last year. 

I've been spending the last week doing report card testing and

the math common assessment, and I swear, it took up so much of my time!

I seriously dislike when that happens, because we don't get to do as much!!


By the time you guys read this, I'll be in Miami!!!

I can't wait!!!!

Talk to you guys later!!


Tech Tips Tuesday: Locking Apps on iPad/iPod

Hey guys, how's it going?

I don't know about you, but I am definitely enjoying my Spring Break!!

Yes, it is this week, and tomorrow I will be headed to the beach!!!

Alright, I'm back for another Tech Tips Tuesday to show you something new that I learned!

How annoying is it when your students do not stay on the apps that they're supposed to be on?!?

Especially when it's a math walkthrough, and they're over there playing Starfall!!

Well, have no fear, with the latest iOS update, there is a way that you can

lock your kiddos directly into the app that you want them to use.

Make sure you have updated your device to the latest software!!!

Also, this is only available on the 4th generation iPod's or newer, and the iPad 2 or newer.

I love being able to choose what areas I do not want my students to go to!

There are so many places that are advertisements, and the students click on them,

and confusion ensues from there!!

Click the start button, and you should be good to go.

Once Guided Access has started, your students will not be able to get out of the app.

When center time is over, make sure that you turn it off, because it will keep the 

app running, which will drain your battery!

To do so, just click the home button three times, and then put in the password. 

Let me know what you think!


Tech Tips Tuesday: Wordle & Tagxedo

Hey guys, how's it going?

I'm back for another episode of Tech Tips Tuesday!!

You know all of those quote ideas we've seen on Pinterest?

And then all of a sudden you see them in picture frames on Pinterest?

You start to think that it would be cute if you could make your own?

Well, look no further!!

I have two awesome websites that will do it for you!!

The first one is Wordle.

You can type in any word or words, and it will place them into a cute formation.

The more you type a specific word, the bigger it will be. 

The next one is Tagxedo

I must say that this one is my favorite one!! I like the fact that I can change the background 

of my word art.  When you are creating it, this is what it looks like.  

Once you save it as an image, it will look like this!! Voila!!

Wouldn't it be cool to do this with sight words, or student names at the beginning of the school year?

You could even use math or reading vocabulary, really the sky is the limit here!

If you missed last weeks Tech Tip on Animoto, click here!


Symbols of St. Patrick's Day freebie

Hey guys, how's it going?

I've been up to my eyeballs in report card testing, poor kiddos and poor me!

This week we are sailing deep into St. Patrick's Day!

As I try to teach some of the history behind it,

I use these free coloring sheets to talk about some of the 

most famous symbols.

Click on the picture below to get your copy!

Talk to you guys later!


Tech Tips Tuesday & A Peek at Our Week!

Hey guys, how's it going?

A few weeks ago, my tech supervisor from the district came out and

did a technology PD with Kindergarten.

Let me tell you, it was pretty great!

I mean, how cool is it that you actually have a PD

where you learn something?!?!

Anywho, has anyone ever heard of Animoto?

If you haven't, you are in for a treat!!

They have a great free account especially for educators,

and it is a great tool to create things for your classroom,

especially for open house and things like that!

Instead of doing regular pictures,

I put our activities into an Animoto movie!!

Now, last week was Dr. You Know Who week,

and it's not like I can show y'all much,

but there's a few slides in there, just so you can see what the movie looks like.

You can add words and music!! I love it!

Just click play to check it out!!

If you would like to sign up for your free educators account, sign up here!!

So, tell me what do you think?

March Currently

Hey guys, how's it going?

I'm linking up with Farley again for this month's currently!!

I always watch The Rifleman on AMC every Saturday morning!

They even have a marathon going on today!!

I absolutely love my new suitcase, isn't she lovely?!?!?!

Can't wait to take it on my spring break trip!!

Totally thinking about my three year plan.

I always try to look ahead to see where I want to be in life,

getting ready to make next steps. Time to plan!

Speaking of Spring Break, I can't wait, Miami-bound!!!

Clothes, clean and piled up....enough said!

I like Alabama (Roll Tide!), I love my Apple iMac, and I hate ants!!

My school is full of ants (did I mention we eat breakfast in the classroom daily?)!

Come on over and link up!!


March Morning Work

Hey guys, how's it going?

My week has been expecially crazy, and it didn't help that I was out 3 days last week due to 

a PD in Louisiana (although I'm definitely not complaining about that!)

I finally completed my March Morning Work pack, and it's posted!

Hopefully I can share a few pics of our Dr. Seuss week, but I'll have to do that later.

Our high school basketball team is in the 5A playoffs tonight, so a bunch of us

are going to support them!

Leave a comment and I'll pick a few winners of the morning work pack!

Congratulations Rachel!!!!

Thanks to everyone who commented!