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Tech Tips Tuesday: Wordle & Tagxedo

Hey guys, how's it going?

I'm back for another episode of Tech Tips Tuesday!!

You know all of those quote ideas we've seen on Pinterest?

And then all of a sudden you see them in picture frames on Pinterest?

You start to think that it would be cute if you could make your own?

Well, look no further!!

I have two awesome websites that will do it for you!!

The first one is Wordle.

You can type in any word or words, and it will place them into a cute formation.

The more you type a specific word, the bigger it will be. 

The next one is Tagxedo

I must say that this one is my favorite one!! I like the fact that I can change the background 

of my word art.  When you are creating it, this is what it looks like.  

Once you save it as an image, it will look like this!! Voila!!

Wouldn't it be cool to do this with sight words, or student names at the beginning of the school year?

You could even use math or reading vocabulary, really the sky is the limit here!

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  1. I have used Wordle for Years. Today was the first time my class used Tagxedo With adjectives that describe themselves. They turned out really cute :-).

  2. Thanks so much for introducing me to Tagxedo! I have only played with it for a few minutes, but I am so excited! I plan on using it with my students to co-create some shape poems.

    Teaching Ace Blog

  3. I've also used Wordle before but Tagxedo is new to me! Thanks for sharing!

    The Kindergarten Center


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