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Summer Book Study

Hey guys, how's it going?

I am so glad that summer is here, but like always,

I'm thinking about what I can learn about.

My first goal is to learn how to rest (I know you understand!)

I, along with some other great bloggers, are participating in a book study,

hosted by Jennifer at Teaching with Grace

We are going to be reading this book:

If you would like to get in on the study, you are right on time!!

Click on the picture of the book, and it will lead you to Amazon, where you can purchase 

the hard copy or the kindle version.

We will begin with chapter one next week!

If you would like to host a chapter (we still have a few openings), 

then come on over!!!


I admit it, I'm an addict.....and I'm appreciated!!!

My name is Angela and I must admit, I'm an addict.......

candy is my weakness!!!!  

Yes, I know I need help, but during this time of year it just

seems to go into overdrive!!!

As school is winding down, I'm am in the throes of testing,

and let me tell you, I'm sick of it!!

And I'm nowhere near finished!

As I was walking my kiddos to lunch, one of my parents drove up and 

this was what she handed me.

My heart soared when I opened the bag!!

(How did she know?!?!?!?)

Now, before you read the card, I must tell you, it really made me cry!!

This student is a repeater, and she is extremely smart and she has really come a long way!!!

So, to all of the fabulous teachers out there, what we do matters.

We can and do make a difference, no matter how hard it seems at times!!!

Happy Teacher's Appreciation!!!!!!!



Teacher's Appreciation and a Sale!!

Hey guys, how's it going?

This week is Teacher's Appreciation Week, and I know that we

definitely need it!!

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the huge Teacher Appreciation Sale on TPT,

and my store is also 20% off. 

Click on the picture to hop on over and fill up your shopping cart!!

Also, I FINALLY completed my Oceans unit, it will also be available for sale!

I can't wait to share with you what I have found!

Happy shopping!!!


May Currently & May Morning Work Finally......

Hey guys, how's it going?

I don't know about y'all, but I've been struggling here these last few weeks!!

I'm so thankful that I only have 16 days left, otherwise I don't know if I would make it!!!

I'm linking up with Farley again for this month's Currently!!'s what's on tv, I had forgotten how good this movie was!!!

Loving......see above comment, lol

Thinking......I need to truly make time to relax and sharpen my saw!!! This means no

multi-tasking......we'll see how that works out!!!

Wanting......I need to go back to the beach......I could use that in my life right now!!!

Needing......Let's just say I didn't do my spring cleaning, and I can tell!!!!

Summer bucket list........I really want to use this summer to clean my house, and purge, exercise more, 

plan efficiently, and ORGANIZE!!!!!  It's really my annual summer bucket list!!!!!

I finally completed my May Morning Work Pack for Kindergarten!!!!!!!

This pack includes practice with long vowels as well!!!!

Click on the picture to heck it out!!!!

Also....hop on over to Farley's and link up!!!