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I admit it, I'm an addict.....and I'm appreciated!!!

My name is Angela and I must admit, I'm an addict.......

candy is my weakness!!!!  

Yes, I know I need help, but during this time of year it just

seems to go into overdrive!!!

As school is winding down, I'm am in the throes of testing,

and let me tell you, I'm sick of it!!

And I'm nowhere near finished!

As I was walking my kiddos to lunch, one of my parents drove up and 

this was what she handed me.

My heart soared when I opened the bag!!

(How did she know?!?!?!?)

Now, before you read the card, I must tell you, it really made me cry!!

This student is a repeater, and she is extremely smart and she has really come a long way!!!

So, to all of the fabulous teachers out there, what we do matters.

We can and do make a difference, no matter how hard it seems at times!!!

Happy Teacher's Appreciation!!!!!!!



  1. I am a candy stasher too! I have a secret chocolate stash that gets nibbled...often. That present would probably make me squeal with glee :)

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