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Just in Case Linky Party

Hey guys, how's it going?

I'm linking up with Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies for a Linky Party!!!!

Ok,  here we go!!

iPad Cases

I like to use my apple rolly case in the summer and when I go to conferences, and PD,

because the other cases are waaaaayyyyyy too heavy!!!

However, when it's school mode, it's straight Otterboxes,

 because Kindergarteners have loose grips!!

I like the pink and grey one the best!!!!

Phone Cases

Ok, this Tory Burch case is my favorite!!! It's kinda broken, I mean,

it's taken a few hits!!! Now, I only pull it out

when I want to be cute!!

This is my go-to case, the one that I bought

when I first got the phone.

It's still kicking, no bruises, scratches or cracks anywhere!!!

Now this is my functional case, especially when I don't want to take a purse!!

It's made by Incipio, and it's their Stow-away case.

The back opens up, and you can put your license and cards in there!!!!

Isn't that so cool?!?!?!?!

It's also a stand!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot about these!!!

On the left is my Vera Bradley iPad case, and the right is my case for my Nook.

Can you tell I love Vera Bradley, I mean, look what is currently on my couch!!

How many Vera patterns can you find?!?!?

Last, but not least, here is my rubber thingy on my Nook, lol.

Whew, I didn't realize that I had to many cases!!!

Come on over and link up!!!


  1. LOVE your cases...especially that Tory Burch!
    Thanks for linking up, girlie!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I love Vera Bradley! Super cute cases!

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  3. Love all the Vera! I, too, am a Vera fan. I have way too many but I just love them all! Thanks for the post. :)


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