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Talking Drawing Writing Chapter 1

Hey guys, how's it going?

As I told you earlier, I'm reading a book along with

Jennifer from Teaching with Grace.

Writing is an area that I have always wanted to learn more about,

because I feel that as a teacher, it is my weakest area.

I get better and better each year, but there is still so much to learn!!

As I was reading chapter 1, I was intrigued into how writer's workshop begins.

Talking!!! I know that we talk a lot, for modeling purposes, but it had never dawned on

me that we should have the first several days of writer's workshop like this.

Previous models that I have seen always talk about modeling, and then

getting that paper and pencil into their hands!!

It is important that we begin by sharing with students that they have stories to tell,

and that these stories open up many possibilities for writing!!!

As primary teachers, we know that storytelling is important,

and it is important that we model this for students, by telling them our stories.

So here's what I learned from the 1st chapter in a nutshell:

1.  Begin with oral stories 1st, for the first several days of school.

2.  We as teachers are storytellers also!

3.  Allow all of the children to tell oral stories about themselves, and at the same time,

guiding them and modeling.

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  1. I so agree! The past two years I have started with oral stories. But now I know that I really need to focus on them oh so so much more!!

    Teaching with Grace

  2. I have always started my writing process with drawing. I never really thought to begin it with talking, but it makes perfect sense!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Somehow it never dawned on me either! I don't know why- my PreKinders are so verbal! I am so excited to read the rest of the book and can't wait to read what everyone shares. :)

    Fun in PreK-1


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