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Monday Made It: Fabric Banner

Hey guys, how's it going?

I'm linking up with Tara again for.....

Ok, I had planned to make several things, and someone how I didn't get to it!!

Anyway, this is what I did get to.....

A few weeks ago, Abby from The Inspired Apple had a great Throwback Thursday post

for a banner made of fabric.

Now, you all know that I am not crafty at all, and when I saw it, 

I thought that it was something that I could handle!!!

So I started with the essentials...

Yup, this is all that you need!! Oh, and the iron!!!

Instead of getting fabric on the bolt, 

I just got the cheaper fabric sections, they were only 97 cents a piece!!!

Next, I cut a lot of triangle out, and although I used a pattern, they are a little

rough, but it's really ok!!!  Some triangles have some jagged edges, lol!!!

So, I placed my iron-on adhesive, paper side up, and iron over it, not too much though.

And then you peel the paper off. And kind of lay the corners of the triangle across each other,

so that the iron doesn't touch the adhesive,

 and then voila!! 

I can't wait to hang it up!!!!


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