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Throwback Thursday

Hey guys, how's it going?

I'm linking up with Cara from First Grade Parade for.....

My throwback post is about a cool  & updated way to do equity sticks in the classroom!!

I originally posted this on May 14, 2012

At our school, equity sticks are used to make sure everyone has a fair turn to respond in class, and it also ensures that our friends who like to hide are called on also. We've all seen the cute ways that it can be done, where normal or jumbo craft sticks are used. Each students name is written on a stick, and they are randomly pulled from a cup, which can be as cute as you want it to be. This has even been a look for on previous walk-throughs that we have had.

I found this great website, Class Tools, and it has this awesome widget, called random name generator. One option is a fruit machine, and once you type your class list in, it will randomly pick a name for you. Once it is picked, you can also remove the name from the queue.

It is great because you can also embed it into a flipchart for the Promethean Board, if this is something that you have at your school.

They also have Fakebook, the educational version of Facebook! This will definitely get the older kids excited, but they're learning at the same time!

The things they create these days, it totally amazes me! What cool websites have you guys found?


  1. Super cute! We had equity sticks at our AMSTI training...I prayed every time she wouldn't draw mine! lol ;p
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. wow! This is neat. Thanks for sharing. Happy 4th I'm a new follower!


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