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Winter Kindergarten Math Journals & Black Friday!!!

Hey guys, how's it going?

So, who's doing some Black Friday shopping?

Not this girl, I will be snug as a bug in a rug!!!

Haha, anyway, I finally finished my Winter Math Journals for Kindergarten!!!

Tell me your plans for Black Friday and I'll pick a few winners!

Congrats Christine!

Speaking of Black Friday, I'm throwing a little sale for you early shoppers!!!

Tomorrow, my store will be on sale just for you!!!

And don't forget, my store will also be on sale for Cyber Monday & Tuesday, and that day, you can get

 a whopping 28% off. However, we know that the kiddos will be back Monday, so if you're like me, I 

need to get some early planning done!!

Have fun shopping, and be safe!!


  1. Well I just got home from some quick shopping (got a couple good deals). I think I'll spend Friday decorating my house for a Christmas! :-)


  2. Online shopping!!!! Gymboree and Scrappin Doodles are on top of my list!

  3. Some online shopping and finishing up my laundry! Housework never ends!


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