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100th Day of School!!!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

We had our 100th day of school fun on Monday!

I'm so sorry that I'm late in posting this, but this week has been a doozy!!

I'll save that adventure for tomorrow's post!!

When my kiddos walked in, they all loved out banner!!

I had to put it on the inside of the classroom, because I'm the

only one with an outside door for a classroom door, and it's pretty weird!!

We started out by completing our 100th day of school hats, courtesy of Kindergarten Crayons.

We also used some lovely activities using this pack

from Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies!!

We made 100 by gluing beads on each smiley face!!

We then made 100 by counting out 100 fruit loops, in groups of 10.

Next we started to make our fruit loop necklace!

I had so many activities planned, but then we had fire, tornado, and safety drills!!

I was like, seriously?!?!?!?

That put a huge dent into our plans!

Ah, well, my kiddos told me this was the best day of school

that they'd ever had, and that makes me so happy!!!

Don't forget, you have a few days left to buy this awesome pack!!


Talk to you guys later!!


P is for Penguins!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

We're out for a holiday tomorrow!!

Can I get a whoo-hoo!!!

I thought I would take this time to share with you a little bit

of what we've been working on!!!

This week, we've been learning all about penguins!!

We started off with our schema chart, and I think they

really loved this one!! I got all of our penguin week activities

 from my friend Vickie, who gave me some awesome ideas for my penguin unit this year!!

I think all of her ideas are awesome!!

One of my favorite parts of units like this are the non-fiction readers!

They have awesome pictures, and my students seem to learn so much!!

National Geographic KIDS seem to be the best right now!!

I love that I can project from my iPad to my Promethean Board!

These readers are also available in a paperback version, 

and they can also be purchased from Amazon!!

Next, we read Tacky the Penguin, and believe it or not,

I'd never read that book before!

I ended up really liking it!!!

We did a comparing and contrast activity by using a Venn Diagram.

We also talked about whether penguins have eggs or lay eggs, 

which was a pretty funny discussion!!

We also made our Penguins, courtesy of Jennifer!!

We also watched March of the Penguins, which my kids loved!!

I was surprised, because last year, my kiddos weren't really into it.

And then for fun friday, we watched Happy Feet,

and I bribed them all week!!

You can get this awesome double feature from Amazon for less than $8!!

Talk to you guys later!!!


Delayed Start and a Peek at this Week!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Last week was TOTALLY crazy, let me tell you!!

We had a delayed start three days in a row,

and it was tough, especially since it was after the Christmas break!!!

Since we didn't really have much time for what we do daily,

I tried to at least to get them back into their routines and procedures!!

We did this sequencing activity, which my kids look 

forward to every time we read a new version of this book!!

You can get this from my friend Vickie!!

I also wanted to make sure that I got part of our Walrus unit in,

especially since we need more practice with non-fiction and writing!!

I am kind of sad, because we didn't get to get to everything!

This can be found in Deanna Jump's Arctic Animals unit. 

Alright, on to what we're doing this week!!!!

If you click on the pictures, it will take you to a PDF with clickable links 

just in case you see something that you just gotta have!!

Talk to you guys later!!!!


Planning for a Short Week - Peek at My Week!!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Tomorrow is supposed to be our first day back with the kiddos,

but we already have a 2 hour delay on Monday and Tuesday!!

Whoooo's happy? This girl right here!!!

Anywho, one of my goals was to plan better,

so I'm linking up with Deedee this Sunday for

a Peek at my Week!!

I planned some, and then I started taking some things away.

Coming back after a long holiday, you already have to spend time

reviewing routines, procedures and expectations. 

In addition to that, we have 2 days of starting late, 

which I realized was going to throw us off!!

So, I doubt I get to all of this stuff, but here's hoping!!

I hope everyone stays warm!!!

What are you going to be doing this week?


January Currently

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I had a wonderful holiday break, and I hope that you did as well!!

I took some much needed time off to spend time with family,

as well as myself, and I'm so glad that I did!!

We are so used to being caught up all the time, that it was kind of nice to 

unplug and just be!!

Well, it's time to get back in the saddle!!

I'm linking up with Farley again for this month's Currently!!

Listening - I love movies, I'm a movie addict!!! Sigh……

Loving - Me!! Sometimes we can have not so nice thoughts about

ourselves, and it can affect our lives!!  As of right now,

I'm loving me, and all that it encompasses, flaws,

personality defects, character traits, weight, height, EVERYTHING!!


Thinking - I had an awesome year in 2013, and I'm looking forward to planning

and having another awesome year!! 

Wanting - Although I had an awesome year, there were some things

that I didn't/couldn't/wouldn't do, and I'm ready to

live life all the way!!!!

Needing - Can you see a recurring theme here? I always make sure

that everyone else is taken care of, but this year I want to add myself to the mix!

Memory - I love spending quality time with the peeps I love!!

Come on over and link up!!!