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Delayed Start and a Peek at this Week!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Last week was TOTALLY crazy, let me tell you!!

We had a delayed start three days in a row,

and it was tough, especially since it was after the Christmas break!!!

Since we didn't really have much time for what we do daily,

I tried to at least to get them back into their routines and procedures!!

We did this sequencing activity, which my kids look 

forward to every time we read a new version of this book!!

You can get this from my friend Vickie!!

I also wanted to make sure that I got part of our Walrus unit in,

especially since we need more practice with non-fiction and writing!!

I am kind of sad, because we didn't get to get to everything!

This can be found in Deanna Jump's Arctic Animals unit. 

Alright, on to what we're doing this week!!!!

If you click on the pictures, it will take you to a PDF with clickable links 

just in case you see something that you just gotta have!!

Talk to you guys later!!!!

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  1. We did the cold lady last week too! Hope you have a great week friend!!!


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