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Getting Ready for Math Journals & a Giveaway!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I have been enjoying my summer, but I've also been

thinking ahead to math journals. 

I know, I'm supposed to be on vacay, but what 

can I say, it's the life of a teacher!

Anywho, last year I made Fall, Winter and Spring math journal packs. 

You can read more here about how I use math journals. 

So, I created a Back to School and Summer version, 

and now my collection is complete!! 

In addition to creating the 2 new packs, I also added some pages to

the Fall, Winter, and Spring packs. 

I have bundled all 5 packs together, for 214 pages of math journals!!

Now, we only have 180 days of school, but I added some extra,

which allows me a little room to speed it up or 

slow it down, depending on the needs of my class!

If you'd like your very own bundle pack of math journals, 

leave a comment and your email address below!

Congratulations Jessica and Kelsey!!
Check your email!


Another Bright Idea ~ Animoto

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

It's that time again, are you ready for another bright idea?

Today I want to talk to you guys about Animoto.

What is Animoto? I'm so glad that you asked!

Animoto is a service that allows you to create your own 

videos, include different backgrounds and words, 

and you can also add music! 

You can sign up for a free educator's account by clicking here

The free account allows you to create 30 second videos.

Videos such as these can be used for open house, meet the teacher,

different programs that you have at school, etc.

They do have other options that will allow you to 

create longer videos for a certain fee.

Check out the demonstration that I made!

Unfortunately, you can't pin a video, so I created this poster

 so that you can remind yourself about this awesome website!

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or Pinterest for more great ideas.

For more bright ideas from several different bloggers, please browse through the link-up

below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you. Thanks for visiting!


Let's Talk About Books: The Maze Runner

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I'm linking up with Deanna to talk with you guys about a book I just completed!!

I am a huge fan of action and mystery books, and I've come to love

the teen series, such as The Hunger Games and the Divergent series.

As I was settling down in the theater to watch Divergent,

one of the trailers was for The Maze Runner. 

So, it looked like it was in that same genre, so I thought, hmmm....

maybe I've found another great series to start 

(even though I've not finished the Divergent set, but shhhhhhhhh.....).

I couldn't believe that I'd never heard of this series before!!

Of course I had to get the book on my Nook,

and see what all of the fuss was about!!

The book starts off with Thomas, when he is all of a sudden brought up in 

a lift, to a place called the Glade,  with no memory at all. 

The only thing that he is sure of is that his name is Thomas. 

He is surrounded with about 40-50 boys, who call themselves Gladers. 

No one has any memory of who they were, or where they come from.

The only thing that they remember is coming up in the lift. 

The Glade is surrounded by a maze, and there are giant doors that close at dusk,

protecting the boys from the scary creatures that inhabit the maze by night. 

Thomas learns that the boys have been there for about two years,

and everything stays the same. 

Supplies come weekly in the lift, and they get a new boy once a month.

The Gladers work different jobs by day, including the Runners. 

Their job is to run through the maze everyday, looking for a way out.

This is hard because during the night, the walls move into different positions. 

And then, the very next day after Thomas arrives, the Gladers have a new arrival.....

.......a girl......who tells them that she is the last one ever......

And if you want to know what happens, you can get the book by using the 

link below!!


I Finally Made a Crayon Wreath!!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

It's that time again, Monday Made It!!!

I'm linking up with Tara today, to show you guys what I made!

Now those of you who know me, I'm not really 100% crafty,

I just like to think I am, lol!!!!

For the past few years, I've seen pictures floating around of crayon wreaths.

I've been wanting to make one forever, I just haven't made the time to do so.

So, I decided that now was the time!

First, I started by "glittering" my letter that I wanted to use on the wreath,

especially since I knew it would need time to dry.

To get started with the wreath, you will need two embroidery hoops,

one big and a smaller one as well. The size really doesn't matter,

as long as you have big and small. The pink one in the picture is 10"

and the yellow one is 6".

I used a 96 pack of crayons, but I only ended up using about 50 crayons. 

When I started the wreath, I thought about just pulling crayons out of the box,

and gluing them down in whatever order.

Buuuuuttttt.......then I thought better of it, and decided to group by color. 

So, it was hot glue time!! Before I made anything permanent, I played with placing

a few crayons around, just to see what I wanted my starting and stopping points to be,

such as how far down I wanted my crayon on the yellow hoop, and how far

I wanted the point sticking up over the pink hoop. 

After that, it's just place crayon, glue and then repeat!!

Towards the end, I tried to see how much space I had, and if I would have 

enough room to use the colors that I'd picked out. 

Looks good from here!!

I decided to layer my ribbons, which I did with hot glue. 

And voila!!! 

Totally nailed it, lol!!!

Talk to you guys later!!


Summer Kickoff & Monday Made It!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Can you believe it, I'm blogging two days in a row?!?!?!  

Hopefully I can keep up with it, I've missed it terribly!

It's officially summer over here, and you know what that means?!?!

Monday Made It with Tara!!

One of my main projects is to clean up my house, but no one wants to see that travesty!

Moving on, I bought myself a Silhouette Cameo last year, and I've only done a few

projects with it. My goal is to use it a lot more for the upcoming school year, 

and around the house. 

Today's Monday Made It is going to be simple, 

because I need to go to the store to get supplies, go figure!! 

Last year, one of my MMI was the flower pot

to hold all of my dum dum suckers. Remember this?

Well, I kinda cracked the top when it fell off of my desk,

but once you put the suckers on top, you couldn't tell.

Then, we moved schools (more on that later),

and the bottom rim was broken in the move. 

It looks sooooo sad now!! So, I just HAD to make another one!!

I've been learning how to layer vinyl, so I thought this would be the 

perfect opportunity!

I also added some flowers on the back.

In my classroom, I love to let my kiddos use pointers, 

especially in the big book and pocket chart centers. 

I would love to also implement a read and write around the room center,

so I bought several pointers, and I hope to make some more!

The small pointers that I have, it's easy enough to put them somewhere,

but for the larger ones, they're not going to fit on my desk.

So, I bought a cheap trash can from Wal-Mart, and I decided to label it.

Once again I layered the vinyl, and voila!

I tried to decorate the rest of it, but I didn't like the way it looked,

so I took it off. 

Now I gotta see what my next projects are going to be, 

especially after I get some supplies!

Off to the gym, talk to you guys later!!!


June Currently

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I have missed y'all something terrible!!

I know it's been a while since I have talked to y'all,

but let me tell you, the last 9 weeks of school got REAL!!

I had a student teacher, I got sick twice, oh, and I had to pack up my entire room in April,

and we moved our ENTIRE school with 6 weeks left in the school year!

However, I was glad to do it, especially since we had been out of our home school

for two years do to the damage from the tornado!

So then I had to unpack my entire room, 

not to mention all of that teachery stuff that we have to do sometimes!!

Anywho,  I'm linking up with Farley again for this month's Currently!!

I'm listening to Red 2, I love this movie, especially the first one.

It has some great actors in it, including Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren.

Check it out, starting with the 1st one!

I'm loving that it is the 2nd day of summer vacay, and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest!!!

I'm thinking about next year, as all teachers do! 

I did such a great job the first half of the year, and something happened 

the second half, I always felt as if I was behind!!

I want to go shopping!! But, I have to remind myself, it's summer, 

I have nothing to do, and I need to pace myself!!!

I need to clean my house!! It has gotten out of hand!! 

Sigh......that is my ultimate goal this summer....

and I WILL get it done!!

My bucket list this summer...

Travel......I'm so excited to be going to Vegas this summer!! I've never been, 

and I can't wait to go!!! I'll be attending the 1st ever TPT conference, 

and I can't wait to meet up with some of my blogging buddies!!

I'm also going to the Bahamas on a cruise! This will be my 4th cruise,

I totally love them!!!

I'd been doing really great with eating and exercising, until about the

last month of school. You know how that goes!  

Hey, if you're on MyFitnessPal, find me at AngieRG82.

I also want to learn more about HTML code. 

I would like to design blogs and websites one day.

I have this awesome textbook, and I also signed up for this course last summer.

Life got busy and it got pushed to the side.

I hope to pick it back up this summer.

We'll see!!!

Talk to you guys later, and I promise it won't be so long this time!!

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