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If I Could Party All Night.....Vegas!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Well, I just got back from one of the most awesome experiences

in my life!!! VEGAS!!!!!!

There were several teacher conferences out there, including 

I Teach K, I Teach 1st, and Differentiated Instruction.

I just happened to go to the Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers Conference,

and let me tell you, it was awesome (did I already say that?)!

I got to meet some totally wonderful teacher-bloggers......I may have been stalking them for a bit...

and I wondered how I would share all of these pictures with you,

and then my friend Jennifer did a wonderful collage for hers,

so since I love her so much, lol, I did the same thing!!

I got to meet the lovely ladies of Freebielicious!!

I may or may not have perused the candy section!

Hi, I'm Angela, and I'm a candy addict!

There were a few happy hours......

and I got to hang with one of my best blogging friends......

Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies!!

She did a fantabulous job of presenting during the TPT conference!!

Shhh.......don't tell her I took a picture of her!!!

And then of course, there are pictures that I won't be sharing with you!!

Hey, what can I say, it's VEGAS!!!!

All in all, we did a lot, I tried to sleep a lot, but I had a ton of fun!!

I can't wait until next year!

Hop on over to A Burst of First with Deirdre,

and see what else happened in VEGAS!!


  1. Oh, gosh…that picture!!! I had the BEST time with you, even if you can't take a good picture of me to save your life!! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

    1. Haha, there's nothing wrong with my picture, you ROCKED the session!!!! I enjoyed hanging out with you too, I can't wait until next time!!!

  2. I LOVED meeting you! You are fun times! <3

  3. Angela it was so great to meet you at Jennifer White's session. You are the sweetest person!
    2 Smart Wenches


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