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Keeping Up With All of That Data!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

It's time for another bright idea!

So, you know, as teachers, we have a LOT of data to keep up with!!

When I first started teaching, we always kept student data in file folders,

which were normally located in a filing cabinet or a data box.

It was an ok system, especially because it allowed me to pull

an entire file for parent conferences.

Then, when I moved to kindergarten a few years ago, I discovered that 

there was another great way to keep up with student data!

In the state of Alabama, Kindergarten is all about how they are progressing

with the acquisition of academic content. It remains pretty streamlined

in my school district, so many times we're testing the same skills all year,

we're just going deeper in the standard strand. 

Anywho, I learned that it is so much easier to get a large 3-ring binder,

and then I buy tabs from Wal-Mart.

Some people like to get the  numbered tabs, because they have their students in number order.

I prefer the A-Z tabs, because it doesn't matter whether you have students

who withdraw or enter, everyone is just in ABC order. 

This method allows me to have all of my students assessments

at hand, without looking all over the place for them!

I promise, everything does fit into the binder!

In this binder I have a sheet that allows me to test capital and lowercase letters several times.

Their reading assessment which also provides the data for the report card...

...and the math assessment that will transfer over to the report card.

Did y'all know about this way of keeping up with data?

If not, why didn't y'all tell me?!?!?

Just kidding.....maybe.....

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Talk to you guys later!


  1. I use tabbies in my data binder but never thought of using the ones with so many tabs! Great idea!

    Jennifer from Simply Kinder

  2. Love it! I love the binder would be much easer to whip out during assessments than separate folders from a bin! Thanks for sharing this idea! =)

    A+ Firsties

    1. I will be using a binder this year as well! And I love the fact that if there is a meeting on a student, I can bring the whole binder because I figured you also have data from others to compare if needed. And the BEST PART...I don't have to worry about putting the file back when I quickly drop stuff off to pick up my class from specials/lunch!


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