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What I Did Right This Week!!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I don't know if you noticed, but the title has

an exclamation point after it this time!!


It feels so great to focus on what I did right!!

I got a lot of great feedback on this topic,

so it is definitely one that I think that I will continue.

Ok, here we go!

Ok, we all know how long short weeks can be!!

Who's with me?!?!?!

Each grade already has so much packed in, and I sometimes feel like

I'm not getting to everything! 

Wait, scratch that, I KNOW that I'm not getting to everything!!

At the beginning of the school year, students, especially Kindergarten students, 

take FOREVA to do anything!!

There is soooooo much modeling that has to be done, especially if you want

the rest of the year to go smoothly!!

So, I've been tempted to cut recess out, you know how it gets when you're feeling the time crunch,

but then I remind myself that they are 5!!!!

They deserve some freakin' play time, where they can be 5!!

I mean, geez!! Play IS their work!!

(Whoa, what's up with all of the capitalized words today?)

So, we've been doing recess everyday!!  Whoop-whoop!

(Well, except today, because it was wet from the rain)

Ok, the next thing I did right.......math journals!!

I kind of started it this year, but then I realized that my kiddos this year

were not quite ready for it, so I had to back off of it!

I did some more modeling, and they're kinda getting

into the swing of how we do things in Ms. Griffith's class!

So, we've been hitting it full force!!

I just use a simple composition notebook.

At the beginning, I can't even worry about them writing numbers, 

I just use a date stamp!

I also have my own math journal, with my name and everything,

that I do while the kids are doing their own.

For some reason, they like when I'm doing the 

same work that they're doing!

These math journals can be found here.

How was your week?

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