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Talking About Books ~ Nightsong

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?
I'm linking up with Deanna Jump this week for

 It's bat week in my classroom, and there's nothing that I love better than a good read-aloud.
The book that I'm going to talk to you about today was brought to my attention 
by my sweet friend Sarah Cooley over at First Grader...At Last!

Nightsong tells the story of Chiro, a young bat who must fly out 
into the world for the first time. He is nervous, because the night is dark,
and when it is that dark outside, he cannot see.
His mother gently reminds him that there are other ways to see.
She tells him to use his good sense, which is the song that he sings out to the world,
and then the song will sing back to him. 
(I thought that this was a good way to explain echolocation!)
She also tells him not to fly to far, not unless his song is sure.

He begins to fly on his own, realizes that he cannot see, and he is frightened.
He remembers his mother's words, and begins to sing softly at first, and then louder. 
As he sings, something sings back to him, and his path is made clear.
At the end of the story, as the morning dawns, he begins his journey home.

I really feel in love with this story, and I hope you will as well. 
Click below for more information!


  1. I just got this book this year from Scholastic and loved it. Such a sweet little story.

  2. I haven't heard of this book yet! Thanks for sharing - next year, I'm going to have to extend "Bat Week" to two weeks - my students absolutely love it! Jen :)

    1. I know, the problem I have is that I want to extend everything!!

  3. I am going to have to get this book!

    1. You book hoarder you!! That's ok, I'm one as well!


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