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What I Did Right and a Freebie

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

It's Thursday, that's right, it's Thursday!!!!

I'm back for another edition of...

Now yesterday, I was talking about how short weeks ended up being

longer weeks, but today rocked!!!

Students were out for Columbus Day, but we had a PD day.

We watched this awesome video that featured our state superintendent,

Dr. Tommy Bice.

Let me be the first one to tell you, he awesome!!

I think that he's a rebel, in a good way. He fights for the kids in this state,

and he wants teachers to do the same thing, by any means necessary,

and he actually gave us permission to break the rules!!

We also have a new principal this year, and he is great at letting us

do our thang, which is phenomenal!

This week has been our pumpkin week, and I decided that for Thursday and Friday,

I was just going to drop our programs, teach to the standards, and do it using pumpkins.

Now, I know a lot of you do this, and a lot of you want to do this.

Today was the best day of the entire school year!!

Everyone still learned, they had fun, and we did reading, math and science!!

I'm so glad to have a principal who will allow this,

and let me tell you, I plan to do more of it!!

Come back on Sunday to see everything we did for Pumpkin week!

Oh, we've also been working on our counting books in math,

it includes numbers 0-10. 

Click on the picture below for your freebie!!

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If you would like to share what you did right this week, then link up below!!

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