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What I Did Right This Week

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Well, today I had to visit Apple, 

because I have a iPhone 5s that had a battery problem! 

Two nights ago, it went off by itself, and wouldn't come back on for two hours!!!!! 

So I made a genius bar appointment, and of course I was out of warranty

by 20 freakin days!!!! 20 people, 20!!!!

So, the lady was like, let me see if I can find a nice manager, they might 

say it's ok to get you another one. 

Of course, the nice ones were with customers, but I told her 

that I was willing to wait patiently until one was available!!

Sure enough, the nice manager, said we could switch it out for another one!

God bless you sir, whoever you are!!

So we're rocking and rolling again!!

Anyways, we're back for another installment of...

I shared this picture of one of my kiddos work.

Here is a view of more of the worksheet, the shapes that he was copying are on the side.

In our data driven world, it seems as if we are only allowed to assess kiddos one way.

If they aren't proficient in one way, then it's a bad grade for them.

As I've told you before, I have a student that I think is somewhere on the spectrum.

Now, it's very hard for him to do the traditional work,

but he is truly brilliant.

On the worksheet above, he was supposed to color and then cut out the shapes,

and then put then in the appropriate categories.

Obviously we were going over rectangles and although he didn't do

it "correctly", I still counted it as right, because he obviously knew the shape 

that we were discussing, and he knew that this is what I wanted on the paper.

He didn't draw circles, squares, or triangles on the paper, only rectangles. 

So, I think that one of the things that I did right this week was to allow a child

to learn and respond in a way that makes sense to him!

He was so happy, and that made me the happiest teacher that day!!

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