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December Pocket Chart, Homework and a Sale!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

It seems like the week of Thanksgiving just FLEW by,

and here we are, ready to go back to school tomorrow!!

In addition to napping and being a total slacker,

I did manage to get some work done, whoo-hoo!!

I completed Unit 6 of the Wonders homework, I'm so glad that I'm ahead,

we won't get to Unit 6 until after Christmas!!

These pocket chart activities have literally saved my life, and my kiddos love them as well!!

Tell me about what's on your lesson plan for this week and leave your email address,

and I'll pick winners to get both!!

Congrats Jen!!!

Oh, and don't forget, Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale over at my TPT 

store begins at 12:00 am, which is just a few hours away!!!

Click on the picture to head on over and fill up your wishlist!!!


Cyber Monday Blog Hop # 14

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Welcome to stop 14 on our blog hop!!!

The gals of Primary Powers have joined forces with Go Noodle for a

If you want to start at the beginning, head over to my friend Molly's blog by clicking her button! 

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I use music in my class all day long,

for just about everything!

I use it for nap time, writing time, independent work time and transition times.

After I discovered Go Noodle, it just made it even better!!

My class just loves Go Noodle, can't you tell?

We already have almost 200 minutes worth of Go Noodling!!

When I came across Go Noodle, I thought that there had to be ways that I could use it

in the classroom, other than simply using it as a brain break. (Which I ADORE, by the way.)

I thought about it for a few weeks, and then I had an a-ha moment!

Our day is made up of constant movement, to getting and putting up morning and math journals,

getting writing folders, rotating to centers, moving down to the mat for whole group, etc.

What if I were to use Go Noodle for transitions?

I already play music anyways, why not add a visual component to it?

Our students have to learn so much, and I like to help them get the wiggles

out anytime I can, especially since it's colder and we can't go to recess!!

So now, when it's time to transition, I give the kiddos instructions,

and they know that once the task is completed, they can find their

spot on the mat, and get busy moving!!

Below you'll see a pic of one of my sweeties who made

it to the mat before the rest of his group mates, and he's ready to party!

Go Noodle is seriously my kiddos favorite time of the day, and it has

been a great help in getting the jiggles out, and then they're focused for the next activity.

It wouldn't be a Primary Powers blog hop if we didn't have something in store for you guys!

Starting on Cyber Monday, GoNoodle is offering all Primary Powers readers 30% purchases 

from the GoNoodle Shop through December 8! Use the code POWERS30 at checkout to receive the 

discount PLUS a special gift from GoNoodle and Primary Powers. In addition to new t-shirts, 

tumblers, and other goodies for GoNoodling teachers, you can purchase affordable, pre-wrapped gift 

packs for students to bring a little GoNoodle love to your classroom this holiday.

And now for the fun part! I have a super fun giveaway for you!

I get to give some sweet fan a class set of Go Noodle stickers.

My kinder friends absolutely LOVE stickers, and hey,

the fact that they're Go Noodle makes it even sweeter!!

Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now...let's keep hopping! Each blog will have some more swag you can win, and at the end you

can enter to win a year's subscription to Go Noodle Plus!!

(Yes, you may go crazy now!)

Off you go to my friend Leslie from First Grade Frenzy!


Bright Ideas Round-Up

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

It's Saturday,  can I get a whoo-hoo!!!

Welcome to the November edition of the Bright Ideas Link- Up! 

  1. This one is going to be a little different. 

    For 10 months now, (can you believe it's been that long?), we've shared thousands of ideas!!

    This month we're rounding all of those great ideas up just in case you missed a few!!

    Keep scrolling for some of my bright ideas!

    Click on any of the pictures to view the post!

    In February I talked about data notebooks in Kindergarten....

    In March I talked about working with numbers, and it's something that I like to do daily!

    In April I talked about organizing the chaos of math centers!

    I kinda laugh at myself every time that I read this post,

     I just remember my frustration with my old way of doing things!

    Next I talked about Animoto, which is awesome by the way!

    This post talks about more ways to organize data....

    And last month's post talked about organizing all of the center activities and stuff!

    For more great ideas, click any of the links below!


SUPER Thankful Thread

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

November seems to be just flying by, but it's one of my favorite months of the year!

not only is it my birthday month, whoop-whoop, it's also Thanksgiving.

The Primary Powers superheroes are linking up together to bring you the

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, 

we forget to be thankful for what we have, so here I go!

Hop on over to Primary Powers, and link up with us!

I would love to read more about you!!

Talk you later!


Taking a Closer Look for November

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

Once again, I'm teaming up with some great teacher bloggers to bring you

another edition of Take a Closer Look blog hop featuring one of our favorite November products!

We want to give you a closer look and offer a FREEBIE from the unit to try out with your class!

I wanted to give you a closer look at my 

This is a new monthly activity and printable pack that I finally started this year,

and I must say, I love it!! My kiddos do as well.

Each pack has 4 activities, one for each week.

Here is the first activity that we just completed in my classroom this past week.

This activity provides 3 different options, depending upon the skill level of our students. 

Student can match capital to lowercase letters, capital letters to initial sounds,

or lowercase letters to initial sounds. I know I have a few friends who

need more practice on lowercase letters!

It also comes with a few different choices for student recording sheets.

On Friday, I got the next activity ready for next week. 

This activity focuses only on initial sounds.

There is also an activity on medial sounds, and the last activity includes a story 

that focuses on sight words.

Click on any of the pictures below for your freebie!

Like it? Love it?

Gotta have it? 

We are throwing our stores 15% for the next two days to celebrate! 

And now, I'm sending you off to another amazing freebie! 

Hope on over to my blogging buddy

Jessica, over at Second Grade Nest


What I Did Right This Week!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

It's Thursday again, and it's time for

This school year we got a new principal, and I LOVE him!

One thing that he has told us in PLCs and such is that we

spend a LOT of time focusing on the low kids, trying to pull them up,

that we forgot to push the high kids.

Once he said this, I knew that it was true. He came from the middle school in our

feeder pattern, so I know that he has seen some of the results of what 

was started at our school.

I started to reflect back on my own teaching, and the same disturbing pattern emerged.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've taught all of my students,

but it can be so easy to focus more on the low kids, because they need so much

help to get to grade level. 

So, this is another area that I have been focusing on this year.

Being more intentional in my teaching.

It's been great, because there's a freedom that comes with not having to stick 

to a reading or math program.

If they've been mastering skills that the other 66% of my class is working on,

we move ahead.

They have been soaring, and I can't wait to see where they are at the end of the year!

Feel free to link up and tell me about what you've done right this week!


Creepy Bats & Spiders

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I know October is over, and I'm late to the party, lol,

but tonight I'm going to share about our activities for the past few weeks,

so it'll be quick, I promise, like ripping off a band-aid!!!

A few weeks ago we learned all about spiders, so we labeled our little friend....

And then we took a quick survey.......if you would like, click on the picture below.

Here is our completed schema chart....

...then we graphed the results of our survey....

There were some more things that I wanted to do, but I ended up

catching the crud and it was all that I could do to get to reading,writing and math!

Last week, was one of my favorites, bat week!!

Here is our schema chart, pardon the picture, it looks like the post-it notes are blank!!

But they're not, I promise!!!!

We labeled a bat.......

...and then came my favorite part, our non-fiction books. 

This is one of the times where I wanted to have a complete research week,

and let me tell you, it was a hit!!

This awesome book came from Deanna Jump's bat unit.

They really enjoyed it!!!

These awesome bats are from A Cupcake From the Teacher,

and they're free!!!

Here's a panoramic view for you!!

Talk to you guys later!!