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SUPER Thankful Thread

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

November seems to be just flying by, but it's one of my favorite months of the year!

not only is it my birthday month, whoop-whoop, it's also Thanksgiving.

The Primary Powers superheroes are linking up together to bring you the

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, 

we forget to be thankful for what we have, so here I go!

Hop on over to Primary Powers, and link up with us!

I would love to read more about you!!

Talk you later!


  1. The Vera Bradley pic...swoon!
    I purposely haven't tried the pumpkin spice creamer because I knew it could turn into my downfall. But the week before Thanksgiving? I may give up the fight.
    Have a terrific weekend! Jen

    1. That's what happened to me last year, I finally tried it, and it changed my entire world!!!

  2. What a sweet family you have! And that goddaughter is precious!!! I may need to try that creamer too!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  3. AAwww..that picture of you and your friend in the photo booth is super adorable!

    A LoveLi Class

  4. I LOVE pumpkin spice creamer. That is the most delicious stuff I've found to put in coffee. I love it even more than the Christmas-y flavors, which is saying a LOT!

    Buzzing with Ms. B


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