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February Currently

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I'm linking up with Farley again for this month's Currently!!

Ok, I'm wondering why no one told me about Fixer Upper!!!!

I have absolutely fallen in love with Chip and Joanna, and 

I wish that I lived in Texas so that they could renovate a house 

and make it awesome for me!!


I'm also loving anything HGTV!

I used to watch it all the time, but for some reason, I stopped!!

Well, a few months ago, I got hooked on Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis,

and I got sucked back in to HGTV........but I ain't mad about it!!!

I'm thinking that I need to get ahead on a lot of stuff!!

You know how you're not necessarily behind, but you're not ahead either.....

I'm right in the thick of things and sometimes I feel as if I'm

juggling balls, and I could drop 1 or 2 at any minute!!!

I want to clean my house!!! 

Yeah, 'nuff said, you understand exactly what I mean!!!

Moving on....

I really need to buckle down and focus.....I have so many ideas in

my brain, and I need to just sit down, and make a plan as to

how I'm going to get all of it done!!!

Just do it already!!!!

My pageant name would be Ms. No Holds Barred.

I say this because I'm not one to volunteer my opinion about 

things and situation......but if you ask me........

you have to be prepared that I'm going all the way in!!!

You've been warned!!!

Hop on over and link up!!


  1. I love Chip and Joanna also. I would be watching right now, but my husband does not go for HGTV. Good luck with your house!

  2. Love anything on HGTV also! I love your pageant name too :) Have a great February!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  3. I agree about getting more focused. I have a long list of items to finish and cleaning my house is one of them! Hope you get everything done!

  4. We got rid of Direct Tv a few years ago and only have Netflix and Hulu. HGTV is one channel I miss.

  5. Ms. No Holds Barred is awesome! May I borrow that? :)


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