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Monday Made It

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?

I've just been enjoying my summer, still thinking about my classroom of course!

And swimming (more like hanging out in the pool

because I can't swim, lol)!!!!

I'm back again for another edition of

So let's get started!

Have you seen the pins on Pinterest with colored craft sticks,

and they've got those wiggly eyes?

I think that they're so cute, and I just haven't made the time to make them!

They're great for small group use, and I'm even thinking about including 

them in some centers (maybe).

To see the pin that inspired me, click here

Ok, since I'm working with jumbo craft sticks and mini wiggly eyes,

I decided to use a mini glue gun. It made things a lot easier. 

I just got these from the craft section at Wal-Mart!

Now, here's where I made my first mistake!

I couldn't decide if I wanted to put glue on the back of the eye

(I was being a little skittish), or to put it directly on the craft stick.

So I decided to put the glue directly on the craft stick.

And this is what happened.......

......this is NOOOOOOT hot at all, it looks like a mess!!

So after that little lesson learned, I put the glue on the back of the wiggly eyes,

which is where having that mini glue gun came in handy!

They look much better like this!!

So, y'all know that I've been on my sensory table kick, 

I still have some more things that I want to prepare, 

so this week I focused on dyeing rice!!

I just bought a 10 lb. bag of rice ( it was like super duper cheap, $4!),

and I divided it between four bags, 

and I used regular food coloring and alcohol!

I left them in their bags overnight (yup, I fell asleep),

and the next morning, I laid them out to dry.

Make sure that you put a lot of newspapers and paper towels

so that it doesn't leak through to your floors!

I mixed it up and we're ready to go!

I always have roll & record centers in my classroom, because they're easy to make,

I can always make it align to what we're learning in class, and they can match whatever 

theme we're using in our classroom.

We had a lot of new teachers this school year at my school, 3 of them were on my 

grade level, and I send out everything that I make.

Someone suggested that I make these into a pack,

and I was like, are you serious? I'd never thought about it.

They were in love with these centers!!

They told me that it allowed them to have fresh centers with current 

academic content, especially while they were waiting on 

their classroom money.

This year, our classroom money was released extremely late, I'm talking December!!

For a new teacher, that's an eternity, especially when you're expected to have

centers up and rolling. They were really struggling!

So, the Roll & Record set was born!

You can find the Roll & Records in my shop by clicking here!

I hope to add some more to the series soon!!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Monday Made It,

talk to you later!

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  1. I keep meaning to make some colored rice. How much rice did you use? I think I am going to give it a try.
    Grade School Giggles

    1. I bought a 10 lb bag from Wal-Mart, and I only have a little bit left!

  2. I love the sticks! I bet the kids will be so excited to use them :)

    Made with Love

  3. This is awesome and ALMOST makes me want to teach younger kids - almost!!!! I can use this though in my Bible classroom! That is the ONLY time I teach Kindergarten or below!!! Great ideas that I am going to find a way to use! Your students are so blessed!


    1. Haha, I couldn't teach older kids, I love my littles!!

  4. Love the rice! You're a pro!!

  5. Love the rice. You have totally inspired me to make one now.

    1. Just do it, do it, do it!!!!! (In my singsong voice, lol)!!!!

  6. Hi Angela!
    The sticks are SUPER CUTE! I totally want to do them, Thanks! :)
    I Heart My Kinder Kids


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