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Classroom Safety Drills

Classroom safety drills and procedures are important skills to practice during the first few weeks of school. This pack contains easy to implement activities and read alouds to make it so much easier!

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going? Today I would like to discuss classroom safety drills and

procedures. It's something that we all have to teach and practice with our kiddos.  As I was thinking

of what I want to cover the first few days of school, I realized that I never really teach safety drills

the same way. I just kind of go over it, we practice it, and BOOM!! Done!

I want to be more intentional on teaching the drills, because it really is a big deal. Five years ago

my school was hit by a tornado, and I'm so glad to say it was early in the morning before anyone

had arrived on campus. So, Classroom Safety Drills was born! This allows me to be able to

have easy to implement lessons to explicitly teach all of the drills.